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By George Friedman

Contemporary China is an island. Although it is not surrounded by water (which borders only its eastern flank), China is bordered by terrain that is difficult to traverse in virtually any direction. There are some areas that can be traversed, but to understand China we must begin by visualizing the mountains, jungles and wastelands that enclose it. This outer shell both contains and protects China.

By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

Even as the Russian government begins to rein in organized crime, the number of homicides has not begun to decline, and the number of high-profile targeted killings even seems to be rising.

This could be a signal that another group relying on violence and assassinations as a tool is on the rise, though with very different motives than those of the criminal groups. This other group is most likely the Federal Security Service (FSB), which is on the rise again.

Extracts from a speech delivered by Rt Hon Des Browne MP, UK Secretary of State for Defence - Modes of Security Coorperation: Confidence-Building, Partnerships and Alliances on 1 June 2008 at the 7th IISS Asian Security Summit, Shangri-La dialouge, Singapore

The UK has much history in this region and we retain important links with many countries, from India all the way to New Zealand, and still retain a sovereign foothold in the British Indian Ocean Territory. With some diffidence, I am going to offer a British perspective on why we see the Asia-Pacific region as so significant, I will look at some of the experiences and lessons that we in the UK have had, and I will comment on the emerging security architecture here.

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