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By Mike Hancock MP

Our previous Prime Minister, like Winston Churchill, believed that the world would always be safer if America and the United Kingdom were fighting on the same side. Mr Brown has followed that line with enthusiasm, to the regret of many in the United Kingdom, myself included. Nevertheless, it is believed that Europe and America are better served by working together rather than against each other or in different directions.

By Tony Purton

The sudden departure of Lord Drayson as MoD's defence procurement mastermind has almost certainly dealt a crippling blow to the creation of a coherent policy in this area. Since the announcement of the SMART procurement initiative in 1997 I have been looking for a new 'Albert Speer' to create that miracle - or to make a silk purse out of a perennial sow's ear. My money was on Sir Peter Spencer, then on Lord Drayson. Both have now left MoD.

Dr Jack Caravelli is one of America's leading experts on non-proliferation and nuclear terrorism. He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the UK Defence Academy and Visiting Professor at Cranfield University. He was Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Energy (2000-2003), and he served on the White House National Security Council (1996-2000), where he was President Clinton's principal advisor on non-proliferation policies and programs involving Russia and the Middle East. He began his governmental career in 1982 at the Central Intelligence Agency. This talk, transcribed, was delivered to the Global Strategy Forum, on the 29th November 2007.

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