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By Simon Serfaty

"Nineteen seventy-three," declared Henry Kissinger in late April of that year, "is the year of Europe"— a time, he insisted, for the allies to join in "a fresh act of creation . . . equal to that undertaken by the postwar generation of leaders" on both sides of the Atlantic. Now, in 2008 — the thirty-fifth year of "the year of Europe"—conditions seem to be broadly met, at last, for an answer from the European states and their Union.

Dr Sally Leivesley authored 'British policy and influence on trends in international terrorism' in November 2007.

By Mike Hancock MP

Our previous Prime Minister, like Winston Churchill, believed that the world would always be safer if America and the United Kingdom were fighting on the same side. Mr Brown has followed that line with enthusiasm, to the regret of many in the United Kingdom, myself included. Nevertheless, it is believed that Europe and America are better served by working together rather than against each other or in different directions.

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