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By Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

As we sit comfortably here in Washington today, young men and women in NATO forces across Afghanistan are fighting, perhaps being injured or even dying. They are committed to a struggle that ensures the security we enjoy back home and the improvement of the average Afghan's life. Their success or failure in this far away place may also be part of a struggle for the future of the NATO alliance itself.

The House of Commons Defence Select Committee published their report 'Medical care for the armed forces' on 18 February 2008.

The full report is available at:

In the report, the committee praises the 'second to none' clinical care provided to soldiers and the 'exceptional' rehabilitation services available to injured troops. Significantly, it endorses the government's decision to embed secondary-care units in NHS trusts and close specialist military-only hospitals as 'sound'.

Bob Russell MP wrote 'Afghanistan: Europe has let down the UK' in February 2008.

The full text of his article can be accessed at:
Colchester MP Bob Russell spent a week in Southern Afghanistan with members of Britain's armed forces, as part of his participation in the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme. Next month around 3,500 of his constituents, from 16 Air Assault Brigade based at the Colchester Garrison, will be deployed to Helmand Province. In his article, Bob Russell praises the achievements of UK forces in Afghanistan and discusses the conditions that British troops have to face in the country. He argues that other European nations need to contribute a great deal more to support the work of coalition forces in Afghanistan.


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