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By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

Friday June 13 turned out to be an unlucky day for the guards at Sarposa prison in Kandahar, Afghanistan. At approximately 9:20 p.m. local time, some 30 Taliban insurgents launched a complex and highly coordinated attack on the facility. The operation freed all 1,100 inmates incarcerated there, including a reported 350 to 400 Taliban militants. The attack also resulted in the deaths of several guards -- reports on the actual number vary between six and 15.


By a special correspondent

Government strategies on future security innovation had to be more specific to encourage investment, the Defence Select Committee was told today.

As part of its inquiry into UK national security and resilience, the Committee took evidence from the following witnesses:
- Mr Tony Baptiste, Manager (Business Development and Strategy), Fujitsu Defence and Security
- Mr John Higgins CBE, Director-General, Intellect UK
- Mr David Livingstone MBE DSC, Managing Partner, Morgan Aquila LLP
- Mr Hugo Rosemount, Policy Adviser, Security and Resilience, Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC)
- Mr Doug Umbers, Managing Director, VT Communications, VT Group plc


By George Friedman

Stratfor Geopolitical Weekly U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has fired the secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force chief of staff. The official reason given for the firings was the mishandling of nuclear weapons and equipment related to nuclear weapons, which included allowing an aircraft to fly within the United States with six armed nuclear weapons on board and accidentally shipping nuclear triggers to Taiwan. An investigation conducted by a Navy admiral concluded that Air Force expertise in handling nuclear weapons had declined.


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