Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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by Chris Graham

Thirty contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defence to mainly British firms lastmonth amounted to a total of 7.7m worth of work. Three of just under 1m are: A950,000 order for design-modelling services awarded by GB-Bristol to Frazer-NashConsultancy Ltd, Bristol; a 910,980 contract for maintenance and repair servicesrelated to specific parts of vehicles given by GB-Telford to Finning (UK) Ltd,
Cannock, Staffordshire; and an 800,000 order for airborne particle monitoring, thesupply and support of air to liquid sampling and collecting devices for airborneparticulate material, awarded by GB-Salisbury to Bristol Industrial & ResearchAssociates Ltd (Biral), Bristol.

Danish firm YIT A/S, Fredericia, have got the job of demolishing a mast on the FaroeIslands. Awarded by GB-Henlow, the contract is worth 42,565.95.

Other contracts under 1m issued by the MoD last month went to: Argus Fluid HandlingLtd, Salisbury,

Wiltshire, 36,000 for hose assembly, awarded by GB-Telford; ThalesOptronics Ltd, Glasgow, 77,000, barrel tester and cleaner, GB-Telford; AutomotiveTools & Supplies Ltd, Burnley, Lancs, 86,963, supply of axle stands, GB-Telford;Thermo Electron Scientific Instruments, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, 37,000, gaschromatographic equipment, GB-Salisbury; Comet Group plc, Rickmansworth, Herts,22,710.40, supply, delivery and installation of domestic white goods comprising 48washing machines, 48 tumble dryers, 48 fridges, 24 microwave ovens, Defence Estates;CQC Ltd, Barnstaple, Devon, 18,705, trouser belts, GB-Bath; Millstream (PenthouseSystems) Ltd, 376,206, road signs, GB-Bristol;

Inzpire Ltd, Lincoln, 590,000, vocational training services (3 years), GB-HighWycombe; Air Salvage International Ltd, Alton, Hampshire, 100,241, road move ofNimrod XV235 aircraft to Cosford, GB-Huntingdon; Draeger Safety (UK) Ltd, Blyth,Northumberland, 50,000, toxic gas detection services, support of ISGOTT Multiwarn &Miniwarn monitors and associated bump test kits, GB-Bristol; Electrothermal
Engineering Ltd, Rochford, Essex, supply of 7PMT spares, 399,100, GB-Telford;Tritech Developments Ltd, St Helens, Merseyside. 35,000, repair and maintenanceservices GB-Henlow; Aikona Management Ltd, Sutton, Surrey, 117,160, highereducation services. GB-Bristol;

Thales Optronics Ltd, Glasgow, 271,601, military electronic systems, supply ofvarious proprietary electrical and optical items fitted to the Titan, Trojan,CVR(T), Warrior and Challenger 2 vehicles (3 years), GB-Abbey Wood; Terberg DTS (UK)Ltd, Halifax, West Yorkshire, 97,638 (3 years), provision of a horse ambulance,maintenance and testing package for the vehicle, GB-London; Sandy Arthur Training
Services Ltd, Limavady, County Londonderry, 236,020, provision of Category B, B+E,C, C+E, D1 and D1+E licence acquisition services in Lowland Scotland, GB-Andover; BSafe Driver Training Ltd, Willington, County Durham, 198,550, provision of CategoryB, B+E, C, C+E, D1 and D1+E licence acquisition services in Lowland Scotland,GB-Andover;

PCB Piezotronics Europe GmbH, Huckelhoven, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany,33,117.58, blast pressure gauges, GB-Salisbury; Salt Separation Services Ltd,Rochdale, Lancs, 226,085, purification plant equipment, GB-Bristol; Leonard Gould &Co Ltd, Maidstone, Kent, 28,259, weapons, ammunition and associated parts, DefenceGeneral Munitions Project Team; Manroy Engineering Ltd, Tonbridge, Kent, 535,640,supply of 7PMT towbar spares, GB-Telford; Morson Wynnwith Ltd, Salford, Manchester,245,160, contractor's working party to RAF Benson in support of Puma Mk1helicopters, GB-Abbey Wood; Millstream (Production Engineering) Ltd, Morden, Surrey,22,885.20, supply of 120 GS Stretchers; polyester canvas cloth cover; 2x4mm poles,3 sets of web restraining straps, 4 detachable handles; o/a dimensions 2290mm x584mm x 155mm, GB-Bath; EMS Physio Ltd, Wantage, Oxon, 61,830, supply of healthmonitoring test equipment, GB-Bath; Capita Symonds Ltd, London, 138,000, businessand management consultancy and related services, GB-Glasgow; Pearson ProfessionalCentres, London, 550,000, provision of teaching qualification for DCTS, GB-Glasgow;Institute of Leadership and Management, London, 170,000, provision ofcoaching/mentoring qualification for DCTS, GB-Glasgow.

Fifteen MoD contracts with no amount shown were awarded to: Bradley Doublelock Ltd,Bingley, West Yorkshire, parts of military vehicles, pintle assembly, GB-Telford;Ultralife Batteries Ltd, Abingdon, Oxon, non-rechargeable battery 14V, GB-Telford; Manbat Ltd, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, battery storage 12V acid battery packs,GB-Telford; Med-Lab Ltd, Derby, supply & repair of conductivity meters, GB-Wimborne;Brownell Ltd, Park Royal, London, supply of NEPS 1000 Systems & Dewpoint sensors,GB-Bristol; DMS Technologies, Romsey, Hampshire, vehicle slave battery systems,battery packs, slave kit for Class A and Class B vehicles with UK charger, includingdelivery to DSG Donnington, GB-Bristol; Active Electronics, High Wycombe, Bucks,supply of spare parts for synergistic individual surveillance and target acquisitionsystem, night-glasses, GB-Telford; Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, High Wycombe, Bucks,
laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. glasses), supply of laboratoryconsumables, GB-Bath; Bozeat Industrial Ltd t/a BI Engineering, Wellingborough,Northamptonshire, adaptor towbar, GB-Telford; Abbott Diagnostics Ltd, Maidenhead,Berkshire, haemotology analysers, GB-Bath; FLIR Systems Ltd, West Malling, Kent,identify fault with computer electronics unit, helicopters, GB-Yeovil; Ultralife
Batteries (UK) Ltd, Abingdon, Oxon, battery packs, GB-Telford; Coastal PreservationServices Ltd, Droxford, Hampshire, painting and protective-coating work ofstructures, paint the SETT (submarine escape training tank) and A&T tower at FortBlockhouse, Gosport, GB-Portsmouth; Amberley Stores Limited t/a Amberley Security,Portsmouth, Hampshire, provision of locksmith tasks in various establishments in thePortsmouth Area, GB-Portsmouth; KAB Seating Ltd, Round Spinney, Northants, driver'sseat for Scammell MK2, GB-Telford.

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