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MoDIMG 20181218 1521345 2Military division of the most honourable order of the Bath

Knight Grand Cross (GCB)


General Sir Mark Alexander Popham CARLETON-SMITH, KCB, CBE


Knight Commander (KCB) 

  • Vice Admiral Richard Charles THOMPSON, CBE 

  • Lieutenant General Nicholas Robert Macrae BORTON, DSO, MBE 

Companion (CB) 

  • Rear Admiral James Godfrey HIGHAM, OBE 

  • Major General Paul Raymond GRIFFITHS 

  • Major General Timothy John HODGETTS, CBE, KHS 

  • Major General Colin Richard James WEIR, DSO, MBE 

  • Air Vice-Marshal Ranald Torquil Ian MUNRO, CBE 

Military division of the most excellent order of the British Empire. 

Commanders (CBE) 

  • Commodore James Robert DEAN, OBE 

  • Rear Admiral Timothy Christopher WOODS 

  • Brigadier Andrew Stuart GARNER, OBE 

  • Brigadier Anna Clare LUEDICKE, OBE 

  • Brigadier Toby Lloyd ROWLAND 

  • Colonel (now Acting Brigadier) Nicholas THOMAS 

  • Air Commodore Anthony John BEASANT 

  • Air Commodore Emily Jane FLYNN, OBE 

  • Group Captain Sara Bridget MACKMIN 


Officers (OBE) 

  • Commander Charles Michael BARROW 

  • Commander Ian Gerald DANBURY 

  • Colonel Jonathan Wyn DOWD RM 

  • Captain Francis Durham HIRONS 

  • Captain Stephen Andrew LARGE 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael John SCANLON RM 

  • Commander Fergus Steven WALKER 

  • Colonel Richard David Hadley BALL 

  • Colonel Sharon Mary BEATTY, ARRC 

  • Lieutenant Colonel James CAMPBELL, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, Army Reserve 

  • Colonel David Ronald COCKWELL, MBE 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Belinda Lorraine FORSYTHE, MBE, Adjutant General’s Corps (Royal Military Police) 

  • Lieutenant Colonel (now Acting Colonel) Rebecca Sarah JACQUES-GREY, Royal Corps of Signals 

  • Colonel (now Acting Brigadier) Tobias LAMBERT 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Philip Robert NATHAN, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment 

  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Andrew John STOKES, MVO, Coldstream Guards 

  • Colonel Tim John SYMONDS 

  • Colonel Andrew Derrick WATSON 

  • Wing Commander Tracey Louise AFFLECK 

  • Group Captain Leonie BOYD 

  • Group Captain James Matthew CALVERT 

  • Wing Commander Victoria Ann FULTON 

  • Wing Commander Craig Robert LEDIEU, MBE 

  • Wing Commander Anthony John LETT 

  • Wing Commander Victoria Tuesday WILLIAMS 

  • Wing Commander Jonathan Robert Gibson YOUNG 


Members (MBE) 

  • Lieutenant Zachariah Thomas Sidney BLOW 

  • Warrant Officer 1 Andrew Charles CORNISH 

  • Petty Officer (Diver) Andrew Robert COULSON 

  • Warrant Officer 1 (Mine Warfare) John COWAN 

  • Warrant Officer 2 Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) Jamie Paul DOUGAL 

  • Sergeant James DUNLOP 

  • Chief Petty Officer (Royal Navy Welfare) Victoria GLASSEY 

  • Lieutenant Commander Amy GLOVER 

  • Lieutenant Commander Anthony James Rodney LOFTS 

  • Sub Lieutenant Adaiah Jekamiah Pelailiah PROVIDENCE-CULZAC, Royal Naval Reserve 

  • Petty Officer Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering Submarines) Barry John TURNER-MACDONALD 

  • Captain Richard Ian WATSON 

  • Major Christopher Alan WEBBER RM 

  • Captain Steven John ADAMSON, Royal Corps of Signals 

  • Lieutenant Colonel (now Acting Colonel) Stuart Richard ALLEN, Adjutant General’s Corps (Educational and Training Service Branch) 

  • Major Daniel Robert AUSTIN, Royal Army Medical Corps 

  • Sergeant Liam James BAYFORD, Royal Corps of Signals 

  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Robbie George BEECH, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps 

  • Lieutenant Colonel James Leonard BROWN, The Royal Logistic Corps 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Rosanne Kathleen BUCKLEY, Intelligence Corps 

  • Major (now Acting Lieutenant Colonel) Christopher Paul CARTER, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment 

  • Major Peter James CORNISH, The Royal Logistic Corps 

  • Sergeant Thomas COUPER, The Royal Regiment of Scotland 

  • Colonel Peter Michael John COWELL, The Yorkshire Regiment 

  • Major Hamish Lawson DAVISON, Royal Tank Regiment 

  • Lance Corporal Natasha Maria Linda DAY, Royal Army Medical Corps 

  • Major Steven George DAY, The Yorkshire Regiment 

  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Johannes Jakobus DU TOIT, The Royal Logistic Corps 

  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Deborah Anne FAIRCLOUGH, Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support Branch) 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Wendy FAUX, VR, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Army Reserve, 

  • Major Paul John GANUSZKO, Royal Regiment of Artillery 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Gareth Russel HALL, Royal Army Medical Corps 

  • Captain Melissa Jane HENLEY, Adjutant General’s Corps (Royal Military Police) 

  • Major Craig HUTTON, Scots Guards 

  • Captain Helen JASPER, VR, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Army Reserve 

  • Lieutenant Colonel (now Acting Colonel) Iain LAMONT, Corps of Royal Engineers 

  • Lieutenant Colonel Danny Scott Alan LESLIE, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 

  • Captain (now Acting Major) George Wayne LONG, The Mercian Regiment 

  • Lieutenant (now Acting Captain) Bartholomew Philip LUCAS, Army Cadet Force 

  • Major Robert MARSHALL, The Royal Logistic Corps 

  • Major Iain Veitch McDAVID, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 

  • Captain (now Acting Major) Matthew Speirs McNAIRN, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve 

  • Major Robert Edward MORFORD, The Royal Gurkha Rifles 

  • Major Harry Anthony NOBLE, Intelligence Corps 

  • Major William James Devine PATRICK, The Royal Gurkha Rifles 

  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Deborah Christine PENNY, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve 

  • Warrant Officer Class 2 James Stephen Christopher ROCHESTER, Corps of Royal Engineers 

  • Corporal William James ROSS, The Royal Logistic Corps 

  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Abbas SALIHU, The Royal Logistic Corps 

  • Major Keith William SCOTT, Adjutant General’s Corps (Royal Military Police) 

  • Major Helen Mary Morrell STAMP, Corps of Royal Engineers 

  • Major Anthony Russell VINEY, The Yorkshire Regiment 

  • Major Edward Charles WATTS, The Yorkshire Regiment 

  • Major (now Acting Lieutenant Colonel) Joseph Francis Caven WOOD, Corps of Royal Engineers 

  • Sergeant Matthew James BREESE 

  • Squadron Leader David Gary COOPER 

  • Warrant Officer Andrea Jane CULLEY 

  • Chief Technician Martin Richard DARBON 

  • Squadron Leader Elizabeth Margaret DAWSON 

  • Squadron Leader Brendan Christopher DUNNE 

  • Squadron Leader Robyn Elizabeth HACKWELL 

  • Wing Commander Lorna Jayne HOBAN 

  • Air Specialist 1 (now Acting Corporal) Prem Dorje LAMA 

  • Squadron Leader William Anthony LEATHER 

  • Sergeant Paul David MITCHELL 

  • Squadron Leader Gary MONTGOMERY 

  • Sergeant (now Acting Flight Sergeant) Robyn Caroline MUSCROFT-BLOOMFIELD 

  • Squadron Leader Andrew SPOUR 

  • Flight Lieutenant David Alexander TAYLOR 

  • Squadron Leader Princejit Singh UBHI 


Royal Red Cross 


Ordinary Associate of the Royal Red Cross, First Class 

  • Commander Karen McCULLOUGH, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service 

Ordinary Associate of the Royal Red Cross, Second Class 

  • Staff Sergeant Lindsey Anne COLLINSON, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps 

  • Flight Sergeant Anita Rosemary WIEJAK 

King’s Volunteer Reserves Medal 

  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Craig BLANEY, VR, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Army Reserve 

  • Captain David Gary BURGESS, VR, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve 

  • Colonel David Ronald McNEIL, TD, VR, Army Reserve 

  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Lee Jay SHAW, VR, Corps of Royal Engineers, Army Reserve 


  • Flight Lieutenant Graham John BLACKBURN 

  • Air Specialist Class 1 Westley WHYTE 


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