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Defence Viewpoints welcomes English-language submissions for publication from postgraduates.

These should be 1000 words plus, their own original work, on any subject related to defence and security anywhere.

The editor's decision is final even if he doesn't recognise genius. Telling him something he doesn't know and which is written in an interesting and lively way is a good strategy. References are not generally necessary. If needed they should be at the bottom of the article, not page.

Send submissions in Word format to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with a sentence about your qualifications at the foot.


0 #1 Dennis Anderson 2015-01-28 17:06
It is unbelievable that the 2010 defence strategy did not take into account our interest around the World.
Placing more emphasis on our ability to defend them.

We have one of the largest Coast Mass of any Country in the World but lack in comparison to the Navy Air Force of Countries like South Korea with an coast mass less than 1/2 the UK.

The UK need 4 full Navy Fleets at a minimum requirements to protect the UK and our interests.
Each Fleet consisting of
5000 Commando troops
1 Queen Elizabeth Class variant Troop helicopter / Hospital carrier
1 Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers with 40 F35B
4 Type 45 destroyers for air protection
2 Acute Class Submarine for sea protection.
One Navy Fleet based on the Falkland Islands
Another based North Scotland to protect against an threat from Russia
One based in Plymouth with the other on sea patrol in and around the Gulf.

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