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Private Matthew Haseldin, 21, from Settle, Yorkshire, joined the Army inFebruary 2011 before successfully passing the Combat Infantryman'sCourse at the Infantry Training Centre Catterick. Upon completion of training, Private Haseldin joined the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regimentin August 2011 ahead of the Regiment's deployment to Afghanistan inSeptember on Operation HERRICK 15.

Private Haseldin joined C Company Group just after they had deployed tothe Nahr-e-Saraj District in Helmand Province as part of Combined ForceBurma. The Regiment are responsible for securing freedom of movementalong Route 611, which is a key Main Supply Route linking Gereshk citywith other district centres in Helmand province and beyond, includingKandahar City.

On the morning of 3rd November 2011, Private Haseldin's patrol deployedfrom their operating base to clear and secure areas along Route 611, akey ground line of communication. Whilst conducting a check, the patrolcame under attack from sustained small arms fire and underslung grenadesduring which Private Haseldin was fatally wounded.

Keen to prove himself and perform to the best of his ability, PrivateHaseldin had quickly become a popular member of his platoon. Quietlyconfident and displaying levels of competence that exceeded hisexperience, Private Haseldin was a reliable, fit, professional anddependable soldier.

Private Haseldin was proud to serve in The Mercian Regiment alongsidehis friends and comrades. His performance on the battlefield epitomisedthe Regimental motto, never failing to Stand Firm and Strike Hard.

Alan and Jill, Matthew's parents said:"Matthew was a loving son and we are very proud of him. He had onlybeen in the Army for a few months. Friends and family will miss himgreatly. Rest in Peace."

Lieutenant Colonel Colin Marks, Commanding Officer, 2nd Battalion TheMercian Regiment and Combined Force BURMA said:

"Although Private Matthew Haseldin had only served a short time with CCompany Group, he stood out as a young man of immense character who hadtravelled widely and was mature beyond his years. Hugely popular, it wasimpossible to tell that he was the newest member of 7 Platoon; all ofwhom loved him like a brother. One of the team, Matthew was at thecentre of most things and enjoyed a game of cards during precious restperiods.

"Steadfast in battle, Matthew faced more challenges in the few shortweeks he spent in Helmand than many soldiers experience in a lifetime.He died standing firm in the face of a determined enemy, in the highest traditions of The Mercian Regiment. Stand easy comrade, your duty is done. Your sacrifice will not be invain and our success will be your legacy. We will never forget you.

"Stand FIRM, Strike Hard."

Major Tim Spoor, Officer Commanding C Company, 2nd Battalion The MercianRegiment said:

"Matthew joined the Company in Afghanistan, but such was his characterand enthusiasm it was only a matter of days before it felt like he hadalways been part of the team. On the ground he demonstrated his courageand resolve in the most demanding of circumstances, earning the respectand admiration of his newly found friends and colleagues.

"Matthew will be remembered for his laughter, his stories and above allhis commitment to his friends. Our thoughts are with his family at thisdifficult time. He will not be forgotten and will be remembered always by the soldiers of C Company."

2nd Lieutenant Luke Beetlestone, Officer Commanding 7 Platoon, CCompany, 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment said:

"Matthew arrived in theatre with the perfect attitude. Full ofenthusiasm and ready to tackle any challenge that faced him. He wasliked by all and had made a significant impression on his peers in theshort time he had known them. An exceptionally likeable character, hewas often at the centre of conversation with his many stories ofprevious life experiences. He will be remembered for his sharp wit andwill remain always a member of 7 Platoon."

WO1 (RSM) Martyn Chatterley, Regimental Sergeant Major, 2nd BattalionThe Mercian Regiment and Coalition Force Burma said:

"Private Matthew Haseldin was only 21 years old, still young,enthusiastic and eager to further his career. He was proud andenthusiastic with his fellow soldiers and his mates. For the short timeI knew Matthew he made an instant impression.

"He will be sorely missed but we should be proud to have known him andto have fought alongside him. My most sincere condolences and thoughtsare with his family and friends at this difficult time. He will besorely missed by all in 2 MERCIAN but never forgotten.

"Stand FIRM, Strike Hard."

WO2 (CSM) Lee Lougher, Company Sergeant Major C Company, 2nd BattalionThe Mercian Regiment said:

"Private Mathew Haseldin joined C Company with the attitude expected ofa young professional soldier. He fitted well into 7 Platoon showing theskills and drills of a seasoned soldier, and he made good friends and strong bonds from the off. He quickly made his mark within the Platoonand he will be sorely missed by his friends and comrades of C Company, 2MERCIAN. My thoughts go to his family and friends.

"He will never be forgotten."

Sergeant Mark Harris, 7 Platoon Sergeant, C Company, 2nd Battalion TheMercian Regiment said:

"Tall and thin, Matthew joined the Platoon fresh faced but quicklyearned respect by more than holding his own during challengingsituations. 'Haz' was his nickname and he is already missed by 7Platoon. My heart goes out to his family and friends back at home. Heshowed great courage and commitment to the mission, the mission in whichhe sadly gave his life."

Lance Bombardier Sam Chesney, Fire Support Team, 137 Battery, 40Regiment Royal Artillery said:

"Matt joined the Platoon in theatre. Young, fresh and eager to impresshe fitted into 7 Platoon very quickly and made friends with ease. He wasstraight into the thick of it, conducting vehicle and foot patrols toprovide security to the local population. He was liked by all andquickly impressed, making the lads laugh with tales of his time workingin Aiya Napa!

"Matthew Haseldin summed up 2 MERCIAN: Stand FIRM, StrikeHard."

Lance Corporal Danny Clements, Team Commander, 7 Platoon, C Company, 2ndBattalion The Mercian Regiment said:

"I didn't know Haz that long, but from the time I did spend with him Iwas impressed by his good soldiering skills and ambition. He was alwaysthe first to offer a helping hand and was certainly not shy of hardwork. Haz fitted in amazingly with the blokes considering the short timehe knew them, immediately being accepted as one of the lads. He will besorely missed and never forgotten."

Lance Corporal Mark McHugh, Team Commander, 7 Platoon, C Company, 2ndBattalion The Mercian Regiment said:

"Matthew Haseldin was a first class soldier who never had a sad face. Hewas always smiling and everything he was tasked with was completed tothe highest standards. He made a big impression upon his arrival in thePlatoon and we quickly made friends. It is a sad day for the Platoon tolose such an outstanding soldier and caring friend. My thoughts go outto his family at this tough time.

Private Mel Francis, Combat Medical Technician, Royal Army Medical Corpssaid:

"I didn't know Matt for very long but in the short space of time I spent getting to know him, he came across as a really nice lad. He veryquickly became one of the lads, embracing the cards nights. He wasalways happy and always having a laugh. My thoughts are with his familyat this sad time and he will be sorely missed by all of us here."

Private Chris Connolly, Rifleman, 7 Platoon, C Company, 2nd BattalionThe Mercian Regiment said:

"Matthew "The Hoff" Haseldin was a true friend who I first met at theInfantry Training Centre, Catterick. We were in the same section so welooked after each other and I remember the very first "stag" I did waswith Matthew. Despite being cold and wet we joked about going out on the town inSettle where he lived and discussed in detail the perfect night out. Iwill miss him, he was a true friend."

Private Chris Scott, Rifleman, 7 Platoon, C Company, 2nd Battalion TheMercian Regiment said:

"I didn't know Haz for a long time but every time I saw him he wasalways smiling and joking. We regularly sat down and played cards butHaz always seemed to win!I will be thinking about his family at this tough time and never forgethim."

Private Tom Hawksley, Rifleman, 7 Platoon, C Company, 2nd Battalion TheMercian Regiment said:

"Private Haseldin was a really good lad, keen to the cause and alwaysdoing the right thing. My thoughts are with his loved ones. RIP buddy."

Private Abriham Saho, Rifleman, 7 Platoon, C Company, 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment said:

"Matt was a very hard working and friendly individual. He has only been with us just a few weeks but fitted in so well it was like he had been here ages due to the strong bond he built with everyone. I liked him a lot as a person and as a friend, and especially as he was a Manchester United fan like me.

"I am praying for him to have his soul rest in perfect peace, Amen."

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British military casualties - Editorial policy

In the service of our country.

Eulogies for all personnel killed on UK operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere are posted as soon as they have been released by the UK Ministry of Defence. Each eulogy we publish for men down in operations brings a lump to the throat. We are losing the best of the best. Politicians must ensure that, when the newspaper cuttings have faded, their sacrifice has had some meaning, has helped bring about a good result. Anything else would be a waste for which they will be eternally condemned.

There is invariably at least a 24 hour gap between the official release of news of an event and the naming of the dead. This is to allow families to be informed and proper eulogoies to be produced. Occasionally families request no euologies or comment. We abide by guidance we receive on such sensitive matters. We regret that information on those who sacrifice almost as much through grave injury is seldom released by the MoD for operational reasons, and so we are unable to pay tribute.


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