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In the Service of Their Country is compiled by Elayne Jude, Senior Research Associate, U K Defence Forum, from fuller obituaries published by Freedom Remembered.

Known fatalities are listed on the next page.

5 September 2013 - Staff Sgt Todd J. Lobraico Jnr, 105th Security Forces Squadron, Stewart Air National Guard Base. Died of wounds sustained when his patrol was attacked by small arms fire, near Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan.

20 September 2013 - Spc. James T. Wickliff Chacin, 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, Fort Stewart. Died of injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his foot patrol, during combat operations in Pul-E-Alam, Afghanistan.

5 October 2013 - Lance Cpl Jeremiah M. Collins, Jnr, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune. Died while supporting combat operations, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

5 October 2013 - Spc Angel L. Lopez, 201st Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Knox. Died when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire, in Zabul province, Afghanistan.

6 October 2013 - Sgt Patrick Christopher Hawkins, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning. Died of injuries received when his foot patrol was attacked by an improvised explosive device, in Zhari District, Afghanistan.

13 October 2013 - Staff Sgt Patrick H. Quinn, 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group, Fort Carson. Died of injuries sustained when the enemy attacked his base with small arms fire, in Paktika Province, Afghanistan.

20 October 2013 - LCpl Christopher O'Bryan Grant, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune. Died while conducting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

3 November 2013 - Sgt 1st Class Forrest W Robertson, 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, Fort Stewart. Died of wounds sustained when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire, in Pul-E-Alam, Afghanistan.

13 November 2013 - Staff Sgt Richard L. Vazquez, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Eglin Air Force Base. Died of wounds received when his unit was attacked with an improvised explosive device while on foot patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

17 November 2013 - Staff Sgt Alex Anthony Viola, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Eglin Air Force Base. Died of wounds received when his unit was attacked with an improvised explosive device while on foot patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

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  • KP- 23 ISIS-K militants killed in separate operations in Kunar and Nangarhar
    At least twenty three militants affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Khurasan (ISIS-K) were killed during the separate operations conducted in eastern Kunar and Nangarhar province. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said at least 17 ISIS Khurasan militants were killed during the ground operations and airstrikes conducted in Suki of Kunar and Khogyani district of Nangarhar.
  • KP- 2 soldiers handed over to authorities at Chaman, claims Pak military
    The Pakistani military claims that two Afghan soldiers, who were detained after crossing to Pakistan, have been handed over to the Afghan authorities at Chaman. According to the Pakistani military, the two soldiers were detained by the Frontier Corps forces of Balochistan. “FC Bln hands over 2 Afghan Soldiers Hayat Ullah and Lateef Ullah Khan back to Afghan Authorities today at Chaman. Both had crossed over to Pakistan and were arrested by FC,” the Pakistani military said in a statement.
  • rferl- RSF Warns Of New Taliban Threat To Afghan Media
    The global media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has condemned a new Taliban threat against media in Afghanistan. In a June 20 statement, RSF warned of a Taliban threat to Afghan media after airstrikes reportedly targeted an insurgent radio station in central Afghanistan earlier this month.
  • 1tvnews- Two would-be suicide bombers arrested in Kabul
    Two would-be suicide bombers were arrested in Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday, the Interior Ministry said. They were arrested from Halabi Sazi lane along Maiwand Road in the heart of the city around 10:30a.m. Najib Danish, a spokesman for Interior Ministry, said that two suicide vests were seized from the insurgents.
  • KP- US rules out direct negotiations with the Taliban group
    Ambassador Alice Wells, the senior bureau official for South and Central Asian Affairs, has said the United States government is prepared to support, facilitate, and participate in direct negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban. In an official testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, Ambassador Wells said “Our desired outcomes for any peace process are clear and have not changed. The Taliban must renounce violence, break ties with al-Qaida, and accept the Afghan Constitution – including its protections for women and minorities.”
  • bernama- 23 killed, Taliban attack repulsed in eastern Afghanistan
    At least 20 militants and three Afghan security personnel were killed after the Taliban's attempt to overrun Jaghato district in Ghazni province were repulsed on Thursday, Xinhua news agency reported. Spokesman for the eastern provincial government Mohammad Aref Nuri said the Taliban militants launched a major offensive on security checkpoints in Jaghato district early on Thursday.
  • McClatchy - Ex-Soldier Who Killed 16 Civilians In Kandahar Massacre May Seek Clemency From Trump
    Robert Bales, the former Army staff sergeant who killed 16 Afghan civilians, including seven children, will likely ask the president to commute his life sentence once he exhausts his legal appeals for one of the nation's most notorious war crimes. Bales’ attorney, John Maher of Chicago, said earlier this month that if he runs out of options in the courts, he will seek executive clemency from the president.

British military casualties - Editorial policy

In the service of our country.

Eulogies for all personnel killed on UK operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere are posted as soon as they have been released by the UK Ministry of Defence. Each eulogy we publish for men down in operations brings a lump to the throat. We are losing the best of the best. Politicians must ensure that, when the newspaper cuttings have faded, their sacrifice has had some meaning, has helped bring about a good result. Anything else would be a waste for which they will be eternally condemned.

There is invariably at least a 24 hour gap between the official release of news of an event and the naming of the dead. This is to allow families to be informed and proper eulogoies to be produced. Occasionally families request no euologies or comment. We abide by guidance we receive on such sensitive matters. We regret that information on those who sacrifice almost as much through grave injury is seldom released by the MoD for operational reasons, and so we are unable to pay tribute.


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