The shortlist for the 2010 Tim Garden Essay Competition has been announced. It is :


* Between change and continuity : Western cultural memory and 21st Century security

James Clinch - University of Melbourne and London School of Ecnomics


* Security and defence in the 21st Century : Relating capabilities to requirements

Leon Grasmann - University of Warwick


* Femal power - the role of Afghan women in counterinsurgency

Rikke Haugegaard - University of Copenhagen and RCDS Cranfield 


* Making it all Thinkable : How changes to the concepts of defence and security have necessitated practice in the art of imagining the impossible

Rachel Miller-Sprafke - London School of Economics and King's College London


* Security or insecurity?

Ian Shields - Darwin College, University of Cambridge


* No need for NATO anymore

Dirk Siebels - University of Durham


These six shortlisted entries will be published in Defence Viewpoints in coming weeks. The winner will be declared towards the end of October.