The gift is to Pakistan's police unit that has responsibility for dealing with improvised explosive device (IED) attacks. The equipment being gifted is a package of counter improvised explosive device (CIED) equipment.

Pakistan has a particularly severe problem with IED attacks perpetrated by terrorist groups and insurgents based within the country. Pakistan has sought assistance from UK in tackling this threat and developing the capabilities of its security forces. The IED equipment that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office proposes to gift to Pakistan is an integral part of a training package to the police and will provide them with a valuable and sustainable capability to deal with the threat. This will also help to reduce terrorist threats to UK interests, including the threat of an attack on the UK mainland, says the FCO.

The total cost of the proposed UK package is 1,740,904, and will be met by the Government's Counter Terrorism Programme. The UK is committed to developing counter terrorism links with Pakistan in furtherance of HMG objectives under CONTEST. The request for UK's assistance in tackling the CIED issue is an opportunity to work in partnership with Pakistan to develop their indigenous capability and mitigate the terrorist risk to UK, Pakistan, and UK's interests in Pakistan and the wider South Asia region.

This assistance has been scrutinised and approved by a senior, cross-Whitehall Counter Terrorism Programme Advisory Board, which has confirmed that it fits with HMG's strategic and delivery objectives. The Treasury has approved the proposal in principle