Cdre S J Chick CBE to succeed Cdre J M Handley as Dep Dir CJO at Norfolk Va wef March 2012

Actg Cdre M A W Bath to succeed Air Cdre D J Hill as Personnel Strategy Prog Head for DCDS wef May 2012

Cdre R J Thompson to Chief Naval Engineer Study wef Nov 2011
Capt M E Farrage CBE to be promoted Cdre and succeed Brig W M Dunham OBE as CofS NATO Trg Mission Afghanisatn wef Jan 2012
Capt T J L Williamson RN, MVO to be promoted Cdre and succeed Cdre J H J Gower OBE wef Nov 2011 as Dep Commandant/Asst Commandant (Maritime) at JSCSC

 Maj General G W Berregan to be promoted Lt General and succeed Lt General M F N Mans CBE as Adjutant General wef August 2012
Brigadier S R D Marr to be Director Recruitment and Training (Ops) wef Dec 2012
Brigadier A P Williams to be Dep Military Secretary, Army Personnel Centre wef Feb 2012
Brigadier P R Burns to be Director Staff and Personnel Support (Army) wef Jan 2012
Brigadier S K Ridge to be Director Legal Advisory, DG Army Legal Services wef June 2012
Brigadier S G S Lythgoe to head Op Law Branch, DG Army Legal Services wef Jan 2012
Brigadier M P J O'Hanlon to be Defence Attache Berlin wef Jan 2012

Air Vice Marshal (Rtd) D M Niven CB, CBE Air Officer N Ireland became ADC to HM Queen 1 Sept 2011

Air Cdre P N Osborn CBE, ADC to succeed Air Cdre R B Cunningham (retiring) as Asst C of S Manning, HQ Air Command

Air Cdre M E West to be Head Infrastructure Prog Mgt, Def Infrastructure Org wef Dec 2011 (new 1 star appt)

WEF May 2012 J C Bessell promoted Air Cdre and Cdr Jt Force Support (A-stan)

WEF Jan 2012 N Bray promoted Air Cdre to succeed Air Cdre R W La Forte CBE as Commandant RAF Regt and Asst C of S Protection HW 2 Gp

WEF 3 Jan 2012 W J Millington promoted Air Cdre to succeed Air Cdre M K Crayford OBE as Air Officer Battlespace Mgt HQ 1 Gp

WEF 3 Feb 2012 D B Thompson promoted Air Cdre to succeed Brig A D C Clacker CBE as Head of Logistic Network Enabled Capability, DE and S

Brig J K Tanner retired 23 Sept 2011