This month's promotions, new jobs, retirements, transitions to private sector for military personnel at one star level and above

Maj Gen J D Page CB, OBE to be Lt General and succeed Lt General P R Newton CBE as Commander, Force Development and Training wef this month


The newly promoted Lt Gen Jonathan Page (Jacko) was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment in 1981, deploying to the Falklands, where he was mentioned in dispatches, and Belize and South Armagh. In 1989 he joined The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and commanded an armoured squadron on Op GRANBY in 1990. 
Lt Gen Page was Chief of Staff of 24 Airmobile Brigade, part of NATO’s Multinational Division (Central). He served on the personal staff of the UN Protection Forces in Sarajevo and in NATO peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo. He worked on the Whitehall strategic planning staff.
He assumed command of 16 Air Assault Brigade in December 2002, part of Op TELIC 1 (2003).Lt Gen Page took command of Joint Force Headquarters in 2005. Promoted to Major General in 2006, he was Commander, ISAF’s Regional Command (South) in Kandahar from April 2007 until February 2008, when he took up Command of Headquarters 6th (United Kingdom) Division.