At a time when all three branches of the armed forces are committed to combat in Afghanistan and are extensively deployed throughout the world, there is relatively little recognition for them in the New Year's Honours List.


Lt General Bill Rollo - late the Blues and Royals
Lt General Alexannder Richard Shirreff - late The King's Royal Hussars


The Venerable John Green QHC - Royal Navy
Major General Simon Lalor - Territorial Army
Rear Admiral Richard David Leaman
Lt General Simon Mayall late 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
The Reverend (Air Vice Marshal) Peter Watson Mills
Lt General Peter Clayton Pearson - late The Royal Ghurka Rifles


Brigadier Stephen Frederick Sherry late Royal Engineers


Air Commodore Clive Arther Bairsto
Colonel Mark Cuthbert-Brown
Group Captain Keith Ronald Dipper
Colonel David James Eadie
Commodore Stephen Redvers Kirby
Colonel Christopher William Manning
Brigadier Simon John Marriner
Group Captain Alistair Monkman
Commodore Christopher Laurence Palmer
Colonel Michael Peter McGregor Stewart
Group Captain Andrew Mark Turner

...and the top civilians at the MoD? Hardly visible in the top echelons


Gloria Linda Craig - director, International Security Policy

...and finally....


Timothy Michael Everton Dowse - formerly chief of Assessments Staff, Joint Intelligence Organisation