Promotions, appointments and retirements. One stars on second page

Rear Adm S R LIster OBE to be promoted Vice Admiral and succeed Vice Admiral A D H Matthews as Chief of Materiel (Fleet) abd Chief of Fleet Support wef Dec 12
Maj Gen A R Gregory CB to be promoted Lt General and succeed Lt Gen Sir William Rollo KCB, CBE as Chief of Defence Personnel wef April 2013
Maj Gen S A Burley MBE to succeed Maj Gen A R Gregory CB as Military Secretary wef March 2013 
Maj Gen N A W Pope CBE to succeed Maj Gen B Brealey CB as Master General Ordnance and Dir Land Capability Transformation in Oct 12

Brigadier J R Hockehull OBE to be promoted Maj General, succeed Maj Gen E A Smyth-Osbourne CBE as Dir Force Reintegration ISAF mid 2013

Brigadier G P Hill to be Chief Jt Force Ops, Jt Force HQ wef June 2013
Brigadier A S J Fay to be Head of Def Supp Chain Ops & Move, DES wef Dec2012
Brigadier M J Boswell to be Head Ops Accom, DIO wef Aug 2013

Gp Captain I W Duguid to be promoted Air Cdre and to succeed Brig A S J  Fay as Head Def Ops Capability Jan 2013
Gp Captain  J B Portlock to be promoted Air Cdre and succeed Air Cdre R Noel (who is retiring) as AO ISTAR and ISTAR Force Commander in April 2013

Brigadiers :
D ST J Horner 16 Oct 12
M T Griffiths 27 Oct 12
N T S Williams 27 Oct 12
D R Potts 24 Nov 12
N D Crouch 12 Dec 12
I S James 12 Dec 12
J C W Maciejewski 12 Dec 12
N P Moffat 12 Dec 12
P R Towers 12 Dec 12
J G Mullin 15 Dec 12
J W R Thorn 28 Dec 12