Promotions in and retirements from HM Forces. One stars on the second page.


Maj Gen J R Free CBE to succeed Rear Adm J A Morse as Commandant Jt Services Command and Staff College wef August 2014

 Brig C P J Walker to be Director Logistics (Army) at Army HQ wef Sept 2014

Brig M J Gaunt to be Director Eqt, Army HQ wef Jan 14

Brig R B Nixon-Eckersall to be Chief G7 (Trg Dev and Sec Force Assistance) HQ ARRC wef Sept 13

Brigadier D F Capps to be Asst C of S J1/j4 PJHQ wef Sept 13

Brig M N Nadin to be Dir Medical Capability (Army) wef Oct 13

Brig S G S Lythgoe to be Dep Dir Service Prosecutions wef Oct 13

Brig C J Ghika to be Deputy Commanding General 1st (United States) Infantry Divn wef Oct 13

Brig G P Hill to be Deputy Commanding General - Interoperability US 82nd Airborne Divn wef Aug 13

Brig M A J McGovern to be Deputy UK MilRep to European Union wef Oct 13

Brig I B L Jones to be Chief Jt Force Opns, PJHQ wef Aug 13

Brig A M Cliffe to be Defence Attache Seoul wef Nov 13