Senior promotions, new appointments and retirements. One stars are on the next page.

Brig B J Bathurst OBE to be promoted Maj Gen and to succeed Maj Gen J R Hockenhull OBE as Dir MoD Min Adv Gp HQ ISAF wef June 14

Brig R H Talbot Rice to be promoted maj Gen and take new post of Head of Armrd Vehicle Progs, DES in April 2014

Brig M L Smith MBE to be promoted Maj Gen RM and succeed Maj Gen E G M David OBE as Cdr UK Amphib Forces and CGRM wef June 14

Brig M A Armstrong to be Actg Maj Gen, and Dir Service Delivery DIO

Brig C T McClean to be Head, Land Domain & Army Cust Team wef July 2014

Brig I Hooper to be Head of Srvice Opns, Info Sys & Services wef May 2014

Brig R A W Spencer OBE to succeed Brig M W Dunham OBE ADC RM as ACoS (Land Littoral Manouevre) wef Nov 14

Air Cdre R J C Powell CBE to succeed Air Cdre K B McCann CBE (who is retiring from the Service) as Air Attache in Washington wef 19 Sept 14

Air Cdre I D Teakle DSO, OBE to succeed Air Cdre R J C Powell CBE as Dep Cdr and CoS NATO AEW & Contro; Force Cmmnd wef 21 July 14

Air Cdre R J Knighton Head Future Combat Air Systems wef 10 March 14

Gp Capt A N C Reid to be promoted Air Cdre, succeed Air Cdre D I T Jenkins QHP as Air Officer Med Ops No 38 Gp wef 26 June 14

Gp Capt D J Toriati OBE to be promoted Air Cdre, succeeded Air Cdre A C Hines OBE (who is retiring) as Air Cdre Air Staff in April 2014

Gp Capt A D Wallis OBE to be promoted Air Cdre & succeed Brig J Patterson as Head Cap Jt Plans in August 2014


Army retirements Jan-April 2014

Brig M J Baines

Brig M J Sheen

Brig C J R Parker

Brig P J Fabricus

Brig J I S Plastow

Brig  J D Keeling

Brig J J J Lemay

Brig J E Richardson

Brig B J Le Grys