Defence minister accused of 'shambolic management' by Tories
A defence minister has been accused of "shambolic management" and "destabilising the industry" over plans to ditch a multi-million pound contract for Rolls Royce fighter engines.
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UK Forces encouraged to blog, tweet and engage online
Service and MOD personnel are being encouraged to talk about themselves and their work online within new guidelines which give advice on how they can protect their security, reputation and privacy.

MoD does not know the price of kit

More details of Bernard Gray's critical report on MoD procurement have come to the surface, despite denials by the ministry that they were anything more than item in an incomplete version of the report.

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India could agree on extra $1.2 bln for Admiral Gorshkov

Russia is hoping to reach an agreement with India in August on an additional $1.2 billion to finalize the overhaul of the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy, a Russian newspaper said on Thursday.

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F-35C variant has the MoD's eye

Days after Lockheed Martin unveiled the new F-35C, the MoD is allegedly ready to drop the F-35B and replace it with the newer standard take off variant, it has emerged. Currently the MoD is planning to buy 150 F-35s, better known as Joint Strike Fighters, in the "B" or short takeoff vertical landing (STOVL) variant.

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S. Korea To Develop F-16 Simulators

South Korea will develop a dozen of its own F-16/KF-16 fighter flight simulators by 2014 to help pilots keep up with fighter upgrades and conduct sustainable training amid high oil prices, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said.

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