Timothy Evans and Anthony Forster, Out of Step: The case for change in the British armed forces was published in November 2007 by the Demos thinktank.


Executive summary
British armed forces are currently more active than they have been for decades. Service personnel are serving with distinction in demanding operational environments across the world, including in active combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The performance of UK military personnel in these theatres has been exceptional, and in general supports the widely held view that British soldiers, sailors, and air men and women remain among the best and most capable in the world. However, senior military figures have been vocal in warning of overstretch and under-resourcing; dissatisfaction among service personnel is high, with many leaving early; and in key areas the services are struggling to meet their recruitment and retention targets.

Out of Step sets out a comprehensive analysis of the challenges facing the British armed forces at home and abroad and offers a set of practical ways to meet the challenges of the future.