Obituaries of former service personnel

October 31st - The Times

Brigadier 'Rory' Walker OBE, MC March 20, 1933 - October 28, 2008
SAS commander who won MC for daring assault on rebel positions in Oman and stood up to outraged Indonesian protestors

Leading Seaman Gordon Cleaver BEM March 20, 1933 - October 28, 2008
Naval rating who was decorated for his resourcefulness and courage duribg a fraught clash with a Chinese vessel off Hong Kong in 1953

October 30th 2008 - The Times

Sir Guy Gibson Bt, DSC January 9th 1917 - October 1st 2008
RNVR radar specialist decorated for gallantry during German evacuation of Le Havre

Delfino Borroni August 23 1898 - October 26 2008
Italy's last surviving veteran of the Great War

October 20th 2008 - The Times

Colonel 'Charlie' McHardy
Army officer who in 1943 won the MC for his services in North Africa despite being reprimanded

October 8th 2008 - The Times

Rev Leslie Hardman MBE
Army rabbi during liberation of Belsen

October 2nd 2008 - The Times

Lt Col Mike Lowery MBE, MC
Infantry commander who outwitted terrorists in Malaysian campaign