Former service personnel whose passing has been noted in The Times and London and elsewhere this month

BODY Brigadier Guy Lloyd Body CBE 25 May 1930 - 8th September 2012
Royal Artilery. West Aden Protectorate. Chief of Staff HQ Northern Ireland during tit-for-tat killings

CAMPBELL Maj General C Peter Campbell CBE died aged 86 31st August 2012

EVERITT Gp Capt Hugh Everitt CBE, DSO, DFC and Bar, AE 29 December 1917 - 31 July 2012
Bomber pilot. 1000 bomber raid on Cologne. 56 sorties inc Kiel, Milan, Genoa, Aachen. Post war Berlin Airlift

HASTINGS Major Peter Henry Hastings, Royal Marines died 3rd September 2012 aged 90

HATHAWAY John Cedric Hathaway died 16 Sep 2012 aged 91
Late 52nd Reconnaisance Regt RAC

KING Commander Bill King DSO and Bar, DSC 23 June 1910 - 21 September 2012
One of only two t command submarine throughout war : Snapper, Trusty, Telemachus Baltic,Arctic Ocean, Mediterranean, Java Sea, Strait of Malacca, 

MACKENZIE Lt Col Btian (Boru) Mackenzie died 7th September 2012 

MILTON-THOMPSON Surgeon Vice Admiral Sir Godfrey Milton Thompson dies 23rd September 2012 aged 82

MONCRIEFF Lt Col John Graham Moncrieff died 11th Sept 2012 aged 83

OCKENDEN Brig Robert Vaughan Ockenden CBE died 23 September 2102 aged 79
Late 2 Royal Tank Regt