memorial2 nWe mark the passing of those who have served this nation. Contributions from comrades and families welcome.

After the death of William Clark (below) it is believed that there is now only one survivor of "The Few" from the Battle of Britain - John Hemingway

ALDWINCKE (nee Helen Lovie Taylor) 26 October 1920 - 24 April 2020 Hut 6 analyst signals traffic Bletchley Park. Co-author official history Later Chevalier Legion d'Honneur

BAILEY Captain David Bailey RN died 1 April 2020 aged 89

BARCKLEY Fl Lt Robert Edward Barcklay DFC 18 November 1920 - 29 March 2020 MiD twice Evacuated from Dunkirk 1940 Volunteered to transfered to RAF, trained as pilot 3 Sqn Hurricanes (air cover Dieppe raid) and Typhoons Shot down 12 V1 flying bombs (inc first) Shot down over France, Comet Line back to UK

BARNES (later Sir) James David Francis Barnes 4 March 1936 - 4 March 2020 National Service Royal Artillery battery commander Malaya

BEAZLEY Cdr Peter Bryan Beazley OBE died 6 April 2020 aged 94

BECKERMAN Wilfred Beckerman RN 19 May 1925 - 18 April 2020. Officer convoys North and Arctic Seas

BENHAM-CROSSWELL Lt Col John Alfred Benham-Crosswell Royal Engineers died 23 May 2020 aged 84

BERESFORD (later Lord) Major Patrick Tristram de la Poer Beresford16 June 1934 - 18 March 2020 Royal Horse Guards. Cyprus. Borneo. R Sqn 22 SAS (Territorial) Later equestriansim

BOWLBY Col Patrick Bowlby died 27 June 2020

BOWMER Trevor Bowmer RN died 14 April 2020 aged 70

BRIGSTOCKE Admiral Sir John Richard Brigstocke KCB 30 July 1945 - 26 May 2020  Gunnery officer. CO HMS Upton. Recruitment poster.. Sea training at time of Falklands . CO HMS York CO HMS Ark Royal . ACNS> Cdr UK task Group. Second Sea Lord, C in C Naval Home Command

BRIGGS John David(son) Briggs 7 November 1917 - 16 March 2020 Pacifist . Pay Corps, Medical Corps, landed in Normandy 1944 to serve in field hospital

BROOKE Lt Col Thomas Christopher Peter Brooke died 14 May 2020 aged 81

BROWN Admiral Sir Brian Thomas Brown KCB, CBE 31 August 1934 - 27 April 2020 HMS Unicorn Korean war RNAS 898 Sea Hawk HMS Eagle 848 Sqn helicopters HMS Bulwark Kuwait, off malaysia HMS Tiger Far East . Falklands logistics miracle. Second Sea Lord (Chief of Naval Personnel - persuaded RN to send women to sea)

BRYANS Cdr Patrick Bryans died 3 April 2020 aged 86

CHEVALIER GUILD Lt Cdr John marjoribanks Chevallier Guild died 18 June 2002 aged 86

CLARK Fl Lt William Terence Montague 'Terry' Clark DFM AE 11 April 1919 - 7 May 2020 Auxiliary Air Force voluinteer March 1938, RAF VR 1949-1954 219 Sqn Blenheim air gunner and navigator as Sgt. Reroled as night fighter. Several "victories" Commissioned into 488 Sqn. Air controller North Weald Sector. Later shot down Ju 188 over Normandy beach head

COOKE-PRIEST Rear Adm Colin Herbert Dickinson (Cooke) Priest 17 March 1939 - 6 April 2020 Observer, Fleet Air Arm. 814 Sqn HMS Albion , HMS Victorious. 824 Sqn HMS Ark Royal. Cdr HMS Plymouth, HMS Berwick HMS Boxer HMS Brilliant. Head of Fleet Air Arm

CORRIN Michael Lawson Corrin 2 April 1934- 2 April 2020 Korean War veteran

CROPPER Peter John Cropper CBE 18 June 1927 - 16 May 2020 Royyal Artillery

DOBBS Lt Cdr Michael Conway Dobbs died 27 April 2020 aged 95

FELICE Captain John Felice RNR died 29 April 2020 aged 96

GRIMWOOD Captain John (Jack) Percival Grimwood RN died 29 May 2002 aged 98

HALL Col Michael Drummond Hall OBE GM died 26 April 2020 aged 81. RAOC bomb disposal. Malaysia 23 IEDs defused. Germany, Dubai. chief ammunition technical officer Northern Ireland

HAMPTON James Hampton RAF died 8 June 2020 Flight engineer, 76 Sqn Halifax aircraft . Author "Selected for Aircrew"

HAWKINS Fl Lt Desmond hawkins DFC 23 November 1922 - 26 April 2020 . Lancaster Navigator 44 Sqn 26 raids over NW Europe 630 Sqn 625 Sqn 16 missions, finally food drop over Netherlands

HOUSSEMAYNE du BOULAY Sir Roger William Houssemayne 30 March 1923 - 14 April 2020 RAF. Hurricanes over Malaya. Later diplomat

HENDERSON (later BURY) Anne Scott Bury MBE WRAF

JONES Captain Michael Jones MVO RN 1930-2020 Korea, Aden, HMS Albion (India, Africa) later taught Prince Chalres and Princess Anne to sail

JONES Lt Col Nick Jones died 30 April 2020 aged 84 Royal Artillery

KUTI Captain Adekunie Harrison Kui died 28 March 2020 aged 78

LLOYD Lt Col David Alun Lloyd died 12 May 2020 aged 91

MARR W Donald Marr 1930 - 2020 RNVR mediterranean

MORRIS Rear Adm Roger Olive Morris CB died 18 April 2020 aged 87 Chief Hydrographer RN

NATZLER Pierre Natzler 18 February 1917 - 28 April 2020 (Covid) Free French forces Casablanca. SOE British Army officer . By Lysander into France 1943 to test escape line via Spain and Portugal (successfully)

OHLENSCHLAGER Brigadier Richrad Ohlenschlager died 25 April 2020 aged 95

PIGOTT Lt Gen Sir Anthony David Pigott KCB, CBE 23 December 1944 - 19 March 2020 RE. Apollo moon programme, Germany, N Ireland, British Honduras, MA to VCGS Falklands, ARRC, Cdt Camberley, DCDS

RAMSDEN James 1 November 1923 - 29 March 2020 Rifle Brigade N W Europe MiD later MP and briefly Sec of State for War, Minister of State for the Army

READ Petty Officer Leonard Ernest Read QPM 31 March 1925 - 7 April 2020 Royal Navy 1943-46 later Detective Chief Inspector 'Nipper' Read, Metropolitan Police murder squad detective and national co-ordinator of regional crime squads

REID Malcolm Herbert Marcuc Reid 2 March 1927 - 11 May 2020 RN officer HMS Defiance, HMS Ocean

ROBERTSON Cdr Frederick James 'Rusty' Robertson OBE died 18 April 2020 aged 88

SARGENT Lt Cdr John Brough Sargent MBE RM

SHEPHERD Gp Captain Robert (Bob) George Shepherd died 25 June 2020 aged 79

SINCLAIR Maj Gen George Brian ( Gus) Sinclair CB, CBE 21 July 1928 - 17 May 2020 Royal Engineers. Korea , Christmas Island (Op Grapple), Libya, Cyprus, CGS 1 Corps Germany. Army engineer-in-chief

STEFF-LANGSTON Gp Capt John Anthony Steff-Langston MBE died 5 May 2002 aged 93. CO RAF Northolt. New Zealand

STEPHENSON-OLIVER Wg Cdr John Nigel Stephenson-Oliver died 28 June 2020 aged 81

STEVENS (Flt Lt?) Sydney George "Stevie" Stevens DFC, AE* died 11 April 2020 aged 98. Lancaster pilot 1943 28 missions NW Europe, Turin 57 Sqn Berlin airlift (reservist)

STEWART Major Ian Hamilton Stewart died 11 April 2020 aged 74 Gurkha Transport Corps, RLC, Intelligence Corps

STREATFIELD Eve Streatfield MBE died 31 May 2020 aged 100 Wartime MI5. Later Inst of Strategic Studies, Cabinet Office assisting writing of "British Intelligence in Second World war"

SUMMERS-SMITH Captain (James) Denis Summers-Smith 25 October 1920 - 5 May 2020 Captain, Intelligence officer 9th Cameronians. D-Day wave 2 Wounded and invalided home Falaise August 44

TOPP Air Cdre Roger Topp 14 May 1923 - 6 March 2020 Horsa pilot Rhine crossing . 98 Sqn Mosquito CO 111 Sqn Hunters. Aerobatics. Later development

TUCKER Wing Cdr John Ralph (Tom) Tucker died 17 April 2020 aged 90

WESTON Lt Col John Culpepper Weston MC Royal Marines 11 April 1928 - 27 March 2020 Wounded at Suez (thereafter saluted left handed) Malta, Cyprus c.o. C Company 40 Commando Op Claret, Op Stonehouse under fre (MC) Malaysia , Quantico

WIGLEY Raphael George Wigley died 1st April 2020 aged 91. RAF pilot

WILKINS Roger John Wilkins died 14 April 2020 Nos 1, 2(AC), 43 and 63 sqns Aden, Germany

WITTS Air Cdr Jeremy (Jerry) John Witts DSO 18 June 1950- 3 June 2020  Cyprus - Vulcan. Germany - Buccaneers 14 missions Toornado Iraq War 31 Sqn. NATO CO RAF Northolt ADC to Queen Air Attache Washington

WOOD Lt Cdr Anthony Hugo Wood died 4 April 2020 aged 86