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BASHALL Talbot Henry Bashall 19 July 1926 - 6 September 2020 Personal guard to war criminal Field Marshl Kesselring later Palestine

DIXON-BROWN Capt Cecil Lewis Dixon-Brown RM died 14th August 20202 aged 98

HYDE-PRICE Lt Cdr Geoffrey Hyde-Price died 30th September 2020

KEEVIL Julian Keevil died 28 September 2020 aged 72. Lt, Royal Marines Reserves Greater London

RAWANG Datuk Awang anak Rawang GC 20 April 1929 - 18 Septemver 2020 Civilian Sarawak tracker in Malaya May 1951. Rescued Private Hughes and fought off terrorists for 45 minutes. Later enlisted in Sarawk Ranger (Sergeant)

REEVE-TUCKER Lt Col Michael Reeve-Tucker  died 30 September 2020 aged 71 CO Royal Hampshire Regt/Prince of Wales Royal Ret

ROBINSON Col Nigel George Duglas Robinson MBE died 24th August 2020 aged 80

ROGERSON Cdr Jeremy Rogerson died 25th September 2020 aged 88

ROWE Cdr Tony Rowe RN died 18 September 2020 aged 73

WEEKES Sir Everton de Courcey Weekes KCMG GCM OBE 26 Febuary 1925 - 1 July 2020 Barbados Bn, Caribbean Regt in wartime. Later record breaking West Indian batsman

WRIGHT Lt Col John Bernard Wright died 17 September 2020

WYNN Lt Col John H Wynn died 9th September 2020. Ex RAOC and DG(A) Tower of London