Obituaries of former service personnel published in The Times of London

Brigadier William Magan CBE 13 June 1908 - 21 January 2010
Indian Army cavalry and intelligence officer

Maj General John Cowtan CBE, MC and Bar, 10 February 1920 - 1 January 2010
Gallantry under shellfire in the Western Desert, escaped POW, supported Italian partisans, rescuer at King David Hotel

Surgeon Vice Admiral Sir James Watt KBE 19 August 1914 - 28 December 2009
Wartime ship's surgeon who rose to Medical Director General of the Royal Navy

Flt Lieutenant Leslie Stephenson DFC and Bar 20 January 1921 - 26 December 2009
Wartime night fighter ace who went on to be research chemist

Captain Brian Young RN, DSO 25 September 1930 - 24 December 2009
Captained HMS Antrim to recapture South Georgia during Falklands conflict

Maj General David Toler OBE, MC 13 September 1920 - 19 November 2009
Action in Tunis, gallantry in Italy in World War II, Land Commander Northern Ireland first year of The Troubles

Sqn Leader Maurice Smith DFC and Bar, AE 10 March 1920 - 9 November 2009
WWII ops against invasion barges, the Scharnhorst and 1000 bomber raid on Cologne