Op Telic 13 is the current deployement of UK armed forces to Southern Iraq.

It appears that there is some difficulty getting up to the minute information, and so we've started to scour t'interweb as a reader service to bring you links.

Click here for the MoD's "official" News Blog from the Headquarters of the Multi-National Division South East, Basra, Southern Iraq.

Click here for the MoD's Telic archive.

Click here for the MoD's official news bulletins on Iraq.

Click here for Defence Viewpoint's blog on the official announcement of which units were deployed to Iraq under Op Telic 13 on 18 September 2008. See also sidebar for link to the other 12 stories we've indexed under "Iraq" so far,

The U K Defence Forum is starting to help plan the Parliamentary Welcome Home for 7 Armoured Brigade in the New Year. For the story of the Welcome Home for the other part of the Desert Rats,see our postings Not about the Grandees and Welcome Home 4 Mechanised Brigade, dated 21 July 2008