The town of Tidworth in Wiltshire has the highest concentration of Army families in the country. Their young children attend Clarendon Junior School, and have written incredibly movingly and perceptively about their fathers.

Joining the Army by Katy

I am in line waiting to join,
With my application form and coins.
I pick up my uniform : my beret and gun,
My life has now just begun.
I run and train on Salisbury Plain,
Getting ready for the war to come.
I'm nervous, scared, excited and sad
I've only just become a lad.
Mates are with me so I'm not alone,
I wish I could only just phone home.

What is a soldier? By Callum

To you a soldier goes to war and destroys,
To me he's my dad who reads me stories and buys me toys.
To you he is a killing machine,
To me he supports the best football team.
To you someone said that's another British soldier dead
To me my dad's memory will stay in my heart and in my head.

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