NDR Resource International, Inc - www.ndr-resource.com
Exhibiting 1. Electronic Warfare RCIED Jamming System. 2."Archangel" EOD Robotic: a light weight/fast response EOD Robot. 3. ED-6 Explosive/Drugs Detection System: the most advanced explosive/drugs detection system using spectrum analysis technology.

SIE Computing Solutions - www.sie-computing.com
SIE is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of open architecture based computing platforms and system packaging for rugged environments and will launch a new line of ATR enclosures for VPX technology, and will feature a new 3U VPX backplane designed for conduction, air over conduction and liquid-cooled ATR chassis.

Cellebrite - www.cellebrite.com

Preview of the UFED Physical Pro, an all-in-one mobile forensic solution, which uses advanced extraction methods and powerful analysis techniques to deliver invaluable information on crimes, which may have been deleted or hidden by the perpetrator.

C-MAC MicroTechnology  www.cmac.com

Launching a new NED (Nuclear Event Detector) as a result of its recent partnership with MBDA UK Ltd. C-MAC will also be introducing its first product from a new range of multi-chip-module DC-DC converter, following its recent partnership with Cissoid.

Ruggedcom Inc. - www.ruggedcom.com

RuggedCom is a leading provider of rugged communications networking solutions designed for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. It will be exhibiting a number of products designed specifically for military applications.