Articles taken from Flight International magazine

Lockheed Martin unveils Navy's first stealth fighter

On July 28th, Lockheed Martin rolled out the first F-35C, the third and final variant of the Lightning II, designed for the U.S Navy's large-carrier fleet. Adm. Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations for the U.S Navy, expressed his enthusiasm for the F-35, saying the plane "will top anything that comes its way". the F-35C, designed to replace the F/A-18, will bring 5th generation fighter capabilities like advanced stealth to the Navy for the first time.

Pratt and Whitney awarded $684 million in new contracts for F135 engine production

The U.S Department of Defense has awarded Pratt & Whitney a $571 million production contract for the F135 engines to power the F-35. The low-rate initial production contract covers production, sustainment, spare parts and engineering support for the third lot of F135 engines, including 10 conventional takeoff anf landing and 11 short takeoff/vertical landing engines.

STOVL F-35 prepares for arial refueling

The first test of the F-35's probe-and0drouge aerial refuling system is drawing near, as BF-2, the second short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) F-35, logged six additional flights in late July in advance of the testing. STOVL F-35Bs and carrier variant F-35Cs feature a retractable refueling probe that connects to a tankers basket, or drouge, during the aerial refuling. The test will clear the way for cross-country missions to F-35 flight test sites. the F-35A variant has already transferred tens fo thousands of pound of feul using its Air Force-style boom refueling system.