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In the Iraq War in 2003 7 Armoured Brigade consisted of

* 7th Armoured Brigade Headquarters and Signal Squadron (207)
* 32 (Armoured) Regiment Royal Engineers
* 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery - (AS-90 155 mm howitzers)
* Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Battlegroup, including elements of 1st Battalion Irish Guards (Challenger 2 and Warrior)
* 2nd Royal Tank Regiment Battlegroup, including elements of 1st Battalion The Light Infantry - (Challenger 2's and Warriors)
* The Black Watch Battlegroup, including elements of Queen's Royal Lancers (Challenger 2's and Warriors)
* 1st Battalion, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Battlegroup, including elements of Queen's Royal Lancers (Challenger 2 and Warriors)
* 7 Close Support Regiment - ([2BN Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers])

It was commanded by Brigadier Graham Binns

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