Saturday, 08 August 2020
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The Secretary of State for Defence (Des Browne): I would like to confirm the details of the force package that we currently plan to deploy to Iraq at the next routine roulement of UK forces in November 2006.

The lead UK formation, currently 20 Armoured Brigade, will be replaced by 19 Light Brigade, which will take over command of UK forces in early November. In addition to 19 Light Brigade's Headquarters and Signals Squadron, the other major units currently in Iraq will be replaced as follows:

Unit deploying for Operation TEL1C 9 Unit currently in theatre (Operation Telic)
HQ 19 Light Brigade HQ 20 Armoured Brigade
1 x squadron from 2(nd) Royal Tank Regiment The Queen's Royal Hussars
The Queen's Royal Lancers l(st) The Queens's Dragoon Guards
1(st) Battalion The King's Regiment 1(st) Battalion The Light Infantry
1(st) Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment 1(st) Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
1(st) Battalion The Royal Green Jackets 1(st) Battalion The Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry
1(st) Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment 2(nd) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment
1 x company from the Joint CBRN Regiment and 1 x company from The Black Watch 3(rd) Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland
1 x company from the 51(st) Highland. 7(th) Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (Territorial Army) 1 x company from each of The King's and Cheshire Regiment (Territorial Army) and The Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers (Territorial Army)
40(th) Regiment Royal Artillery 26(th) Regiment Roval Artillery
2 x companies of the 2(nd) Battalion The Light Infantry (to deploy in September) 1(st) Battalion The Grenadier Guards (to return in September)
38 Engineer Regiment 35 Engineer Regiment
19 Lt Bde Combat Service Support Battalion 1 Logistics Corps

Following the completion of the roulement in November, the total number of UK troops in Iraq will be broadly the same as currently deployed, approximately 7,100 servicemen and women.

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