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Tim Garden

The shortlist for the 2010 Tim Garden Essay Competition has been announced. It is :


* Between change and continuity : Western cultural memory and 21st Century security

James Clinch - University of Melbourne and London School of Ecnomics


* Security and defence in the 21st Century : Relating capabilities to requirements

Leon Grasmann - University of Warwick


* Femal power - the role of Afghan women in counterinsurgency

Rikke Haugegaard - University of Copenhagen and RCDS Cranfield 


* Making it all Thinkable : How changes to the concepts of defence and security have necessitated practice in the art of imagining the impossible

Rachel Miller-Sprafke - London School of Economics and King's College London


* Security or insecurity?

Ian Shields - Darwin College, University of Cambridge


* No need for NATO anymore

Dirk Siebels - University of Durham


These six shortlisted entries will be published in Defence Viewpoints in coming weeks. The winner will be declared towards the end of October.


Rigorous MoD planner, thinktank analyst and Liberal Democrat defence spokesman - and Patron of the UK Defence Forum

Jonathan Fryer The Guardian, Tuesday 14 August 2007 Article history

Defence analysts are rarely gifted with the ability to expound their views in terms accessible to the general public, but Tim Garden, who has died from cancer at the age of 63, was a notable exception. Following the US-led invasion of Iraq, he became the pundit of preference for a number of TV and radio stations at home and abroad, as well as a regular commentator both in newspapers and online.Charles Kennedy, then leading the Liberal Democrats and coming under heavy fire from both Labour and Conservative MPs for his opposition to the launching of the Iraq war, shrewdly nominated Tim for the House of Lords, where he took his seat as Baron Garden of Hampstead in 2004. The party thus gained a significant voice which was listened to with respect and attention.

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