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Source : Defence Contract Bulletin : July 2014

Competitive Contract Awards

UK-Telford: Parts of Military Vehicles
Parts of military vehicles. The Authority has awarded a 4 year Enabling Contract for the supply of Challenger II Transmission Filters
Economic Operator: MC Air Filtration Ltd
Total final value of Contract: Lowest offer: 348 000. Highest offer: 870 000 (exc VAT)

UK-Telford: Weighing Machinery and Scales
Supply, Calibration, Maintenance and Minor Repairs of a range of mass and force measuring equipment and accessories.
Economic Operator: Avery Weigh Tronix Lrd
Total final value of Contract: 1 126 000 exc. VAT

UK-Telford: Miscellaneous Repair and Maintenance Services
Repair and Storage of Operational Hygiene Systems: Laundry Transportable, Personal Sanitation Portable, and Burner Module
Economic Operator: G3 Systems Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 1 126 000

UK-Bristol: Repair and Maintenance Services of Military Vehicles
A 3 year repair contract for the Auxiliary Power Unit on Challenger 2
Economic Operator: Van Kappel UK Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 1 800 000

GB-Telford: Provision of Navigational Comms Ramp Test Set
Instruments for the supply of IFR4000 Ramp Test Set
Economic Operator: Aeroflex Services Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 38 572

GB-Bristol: Challenger 2 Track Pads
Manufacture and supply of approved parts
Economic Operator: Cook Defence Systems Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 331 025

UK-Bristol: Repair and Maintenance Services of Ships
Repair, maintenance, design support and logistics services of ships.
Economic Operator: Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 7 656 993 exc. VAT

Non-Competitive Contract Awards

UK-Bristol: Safety Consultancy Services
Safety consultancy services. Warrior Capability Sustainability Programme Converted Vehicle Part 2 Safety & Environment Case.
Total final value of Contract: 10 000 000 exc. VAT
Information on value of contract: not provided

UK-Bristol: Marine Equipment
Marine equipment. To extend existing capability of a sub-sea sonar location beacon locating/tracking system. The system is required to locate sonar locator beacons from ditched military and civilian aircraft and be able to guide a diver or ROV to the beacon with sufficient accuracy to allow effective recovery of the beacon.
Economic operator: ACSA
Total final value of Contract: 127 237 inc VAT

GB-Bristol: Specialist Support for Noise Testing and Compliance with Health and Safety Legislation
Noise control services. To provide the DE&S with access to a competent body to support development and validation of DE&S Health and Safety Policy and Guidance, covering noise measurement and analysis with recommendations for mitigation or hearing protection being provided to the DE&S to support compliance with Health and Safety Legislation.
Awarded to: Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL)
Total final value of Contract: 56 961

UK-Bristol: Transceivers
Transceivers for Repair of SR(SA) 929 Airborne Systems
Economic Operator: Thales UK Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 1 645 000

UK-Bristol: Training Simulators
Requirement for Post Design Service for the MoD-owned Area Weapons Effects Simulator
Economic Operator: Cubic Defence Applications Inc
Total final value of Contract: 5 000 000

GB-Catterick: provision of New Combined Mess and SLA at RAF Spadeadam
Construction of new combined mess and single living accommodation at RAF Spadeadam.
Awarded to: Carillion Enterprise
Total final value of Contract: 9 000 000

UK-Bristol: Military vehicles and Associated Parts
The Armoured Vehicle Programme In-Service Platforms Team intends to place a contract for the supply of a Battery Management System (BMS) to be installed across the Viking fleet.
Awarded to: Ultra Electronics Ltd
Total final value of Contract: 783 994

Contract Bidders Notices

GB-Bristol: Refurbishment of Falkland Island Single Point Mooring (SPM) no. 2 Fuelling Buoy
Repair, maintenance and associated services related to marine and other equipment. To repair and refurbish a 5 product CALM type single point mooring (SPM) no. 2 refuelling buoy, originally built by Imodco in 1990. The 8.5 diameter SPM Buoy is currently in the Falkland Islands (FI) awaiting refurbishment. It is to be recovered from the sea, repaired, refurbished and returned to this location in a fully serviced condition.
Contractors invited to bid: Fendercare Marine: Bridge Marine Contractors Ltd.

GB-Bristol: Customisation, Capability Assessment Trials and Support (UKCCATS)
Repair and maintenance services of ships. To customise, complete Capability Trials and deliver support to 4 new Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Tide Class Tankers after completion of build. The successful bidder will be required to design, plan and implement the customisation activities consisting of various upgrade packages, support the Authority during the capability Assessment Trials programme, and provide inservice support. The inservice support package will not be limited to but will include worldwide fleet time support and the planning, management and implementation of maintenance periods from delivery of the ships through to June 2018.
Contractors invited to bid: Babcock International Group: A&P Group Ltd: Cammell Laird Shiprepairers & Shipbuilders Ltd: BAE Systems Surface Ships Support Ltd

GB-Bristol: LRT/SIBCRA In Service Support
Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological protection equipment. Support of Chemical, Biological and Radiological detection, Identification, Monitoring and Sample Collection Systems.
Contractors invited to bid: Smiths Detection Ltd: Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Europe Ltd: Marshall Land Systems Ltd: Babcock Land Ltd: Serco Ltd

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