Monday, 20 September 2021
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GigaCom Interconnect –
Launching its EMM™ hermaphroditic expanded beam connector, suitable for battlefield deployment. This connector shares its platform with similar connectors and can be intimated with other similar connectors.

Magna Parva –
Magna Parva will be showing: 1.A working Martian Life Detection Instrument. 2. Micro-channel plate based optics (similar to night vision technology). 3. The R3 - a completely new restraint and release mechanism with high reliability and low power operation.

Velodyne –
Exhibiting the HDL-64E High Definition Lidar sensor. Using 64 lasers contained within a fast-spinning unit, the HDL-64E creates a truly three-dimensional terrain map.

Microflown Technologies –

Microflown Technologies from the Netherlands will present an interesting range of defence surveillance applications that are based upon broad banded acoustic vector sensors. The smallest version is a recently introduced completely monolithic chip the size of a match.

DRS Technologies, Inc. –

Showcasing products and services for BattleSpace and Security & Resilience, including: 1. The Scorpion Rugged Battle Management notebook. 2. JV5 Next Generation Rugged Vehicle Computing System. 3. Military Rugged Tablet Computer

HDT Engineered Technologies –

HDT Engineered Technologies (HDT), a company in the engineering and production of comprehensive solutions in shelter, heat, power generation and air filtration systems, as well as ancillary vehicle support products for the military and homeland security markets, will introduce its new global brand and corporate structure to the global market

Atlantic Inertial Systems –

Atlantic Inertial Systems (AIS) is launching its new miniature silicon Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) known as 'MinIM'. This ruggedized development IMU is less than 1 cubic inch in size, which is 1/4 the size and weight of the Company's established production MEMS IMUs.

Supacat –

Supacat is unveiling the Supacat Protected Vehicle (SPV) Series, the next generation design to enhance the company's successful range of high mobility vehicles.

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