Monday, 20 September 2021
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With less than a week to go before this year's defence "biggie" the trickle of media advisories has become a veritable spate. We've decided we'll share some with you, make of them what you will! We're concentrating on the small players to begin with, not because we don't appreciate the hospitality invitations from the prime contractors, but because we like to champion those further down the food chain too!

Exhibiting next week will be:

Vitavox -

Launching the 'Outacom System' - a tactical intercom integrated or stand alone loudhailer system that allows the combatant to have the ability to reduce the risk to lives and collateral damage in operational areas.

Universal Engineering -

Universal Engineering will be displaying RANGER following successful trials after DVD in June. RANGER represents the next generation of mine resistant armour protected (MRAP) vehicles.

Centre for Export Controls Excellence

Launching a new e-learning product that provides 3 levels of export controls training for any country in the world. Aiming to provide a "one-stop-shop" for all things 'export controls'.

Twisted Pair Solutions -

Demonstrating WAVE A VoIP software that connects any IP accessible device such as two-way radios, PCs & PDAs, mobile phones, telephones, paging systems and intercoms. On the battlefield, WAVE allows different radio systems to seamlessly interoperate by providing real-time bridging and patching capabilities using industry standard computers.

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