Saturday, 25 September 2021
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By Brigadier Raj Manchanda

India's union budget allocates INR 4,500 crore more for paramilitary forces in 2009. The government allocated an additional INR 4,500 crore (US $1 billion) in the 2009 interim budget to central police organisations. Read more...

India hikes defence budget by 35% for 2009

Considering the changed security scenario in view of the Mumbai terror attacks, the Indian Government allocated INR 1,41,703 crore (US $32.7 billion) for defence sector. Read more...

INR 2,857 crore in budget to modernise Delhi police

The Delhi police has been allocated more than INR 2,800 crore (US $560 million) in the Interim Budget 2009-10 to upgrade technical instrumentation and development of modern communication network in the city. Read more...

Indian NSG looking for cutting edge equipment for urban counter terror operations

National Security Guard (NSG) has identified key high-end equipment required to better deal with urban terror situations and has already begun the process to acquire cutting edge new technology. The NSG's shopping list includes high end gadgets like body-worn video and audio bugs, mini remotely operated vehicles and real time X-ray viewing system. Read more...

IT majors look to log on to government contracts to beat slump

This follows the government's plan to spend more on IT in defence and homeland security. The government's IT spending is estimated to be around US $4 billion in 2010-11. Read more...

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