Monday, 20 September 2021
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by Chris Graham

Contracts with a total value of more than £100m were awarded by the Ministry of Defence in June. Of fourteen contracts of over £1m, including a £6.5m joint order for musical instruments, thirteen went to British-based companies.

The largest single award is a four-year contract for technical supplies worth £27.9m to provide technical and establishment support to the Defence College of Electro-Mechanical Engineering (DCEME) Arborfield & Bordon, which went to Babcock Land Ltd, Christchurch, Dorset, and was placed by GB Andover. The total final value of the contract is £27,960,880.

The Defence College was established in 2004 to bring together a number of separate Service training organisations, all of which were delivering forms of electro-mechanical engineering. DCEME consists of a headquarters based at HMS Sultan, Gosport; the Royal Naval School of Marine Engineering (RNSME), also at HMS Sultan; the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (SEME) based at Bordon; the School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering (SEAE) at Arborfield; the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers' (REME) Arms School, also at Arborfield; and the Number 4 School of Technical Training based at MOD St Athan. The principal task of DCEME is to deliver the required number of competently trained and motivated technicians and engineers to meet the demands of the Armed Forces.

Another major contract, worth £21.5m, has gone to Thales UK Ltd, Wells, Somerset, for global navigation and positioning systems (GPS or equivalent). Thales are to demonstrate, manufacture and provide initial support for their Locating Beacon System for Dismounted Soldier Systems (DSS). The Thales group operates in 50 countries and has 68,000 employees worldwide. Two of Thales UK's business units have this year gained the Queen's Award for Enterprise. The company was recognised in the International Trade category for its optronics and missile electronics businesses. Both received prizes for more than doubling their overseas revenues over the last three years. Awarded by GB Bristol, the contract is worth £21,500,886.

GB Bristol has also awarded a £6m contract for global navigation and positioning systems (GPS or equivalent) locator beacon system for dismounted infantry use to Selex Communications Ltd, Basildon, Essex. The final contract value is £6,002,072 .

Another £6m contract has gone to Internation Group Ltd, Midhurst, West Sussex. Awarded by GB Wimbourne for the Defence Fuels Group (DFG), DE&S
DFG HQ, West Moors, Wimborne, the contract is for the supply of lubricants ZOK 27 & ZOK mx ZOK, and is worth exactly £6m.

Materials handling firm Bache Pallets Ltd, Stourbridge, West Midlands, have gained a four-year contract for metal pallets worth £7.7m. Awarded by GB Telford, The contract consists of about 20 items to meet the requirements of a number of demanding authorities, including Defence Support Group, Joint Supply Chain Services and Defence Fuels Group. The total final value of the contract is calculated at exactly £7,700,000.

A contract to supply weapons, ammunition and associated parts, including a generic weapons cleaning kit, worth £3.4m to £5m and awarded by Defence Support Group (DSG), Telford, Shropshire, has gone to NSAF Ltd, Nottingham.

Computerised Training Systems Ltd, Scunthorpe, Humberside has been awarded a three-year contract to supply flight simulators to provide E-Learning training material to tri-service MOD approved schools across the UK under a FsAST E-Learning Contract. The material comprises of student-led Computer Based Training (CBT) in a single screen format and instructor-led Computer aided Instruction (CAI), in a three screen (1x Instructor & 2x Student Projected Screens) format. All programmes are to be SCORM2004 conformant and capable of being delivered via the Defence Learning Portal (DLP). The total final value of the contract is £3,177,000 .

European Aeronautical Group UK Ltd, Walton on Thames, have won a £1.5m contract for navigation services, to provide Aeronautical Information (AI) which will be repackaged, reprinted and redistributed as required by official use of the MoD. The AI required is for the terminal charts and associated textual notes for all AIP published procedures of an airfield (with hard surface runways of 3,500ft or longer), available for worldwide airfield coverage. Distribution is to be via electronic media including DVD/CD and extensive use of the internet. The contract, awarded by GB Feltham, is for a period of three years plus two one-year option periods, and a total final value of £1,576,666.

£1.4m worth of taps will be supplied to the MoD by MRH Marine Ltd, Neilston, Glasgow, after winning a contract through GB Bath, total value £1,437,000.

Bristol Fluid System Technologies Ltd, Avonmouth, Bristol has been awarded a four-year, £1.3m contract for repair and maintenance services of valves, provision of spares, repairs and Post Design Services (PDS) in support of First Level and Non First Level fittings and valves fitted on HM Ships and Submarines.

A £1.2m contract for Submarine Combat System User Documentation (CSUD) has gone to BMT Defence Services Ltd, Weymouth, Dorset. They will provide mechanical manuals on the provision and maintenance of UK Submarine CSUD. Awarded by GB Bristol, the value of the contract is £1,237,751.

Civil engineers Kellogg Brown and Root Ltd, Leatherhead, Surrey, have won a £1.1m contract from GB-Theatre Contractor Management Cell, UK Section (DE only) construction, for data management services and manpower services, to the value of £1,143,550

A total of 32 companies share a £6.5m order from GB Glasgow to supply musical instruments, including bagpipes. GB Glasgow has placed the orders with: Adrian Warrick T/A Adrian Warrick Stringed Instruments, Southall, Middlesex; Achiltibuie Highland Reeds Ltd, Kirknewton, West Lothian; All Arms Marketing & Manufacturing Organisation Company Ltd, Birmingham; All Brass & Woodwind Ltd, Leeds; Autograph Sales Ltd, London; Bannatyne Ltd, Whitburn, West Lothian; Bell Percussion Ltd, Acton, London; Blandford Woodwind Ltd, Blandford, Dorset; WW&R Ltd, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire; Dawkes Music Ltd, Maidenhead, Berkshire; Drums for Schools Ltd, Nottingham; George Gladstone Ltd, Darlington, County Durham; Hayes Music Ltd, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire; Heritage Music, Brackley, Northants; Johns and Mushroom Percussion Ltd, Liverpool; Kilberry Bagpipes, Edinburgh; McCallum Bagpipes Ltd, Kilmarnock, North Ayrshire; Neville Brothers Musical Instruments, Derby; Normans (Burton upon Trent) Ltd, Burton, Staffordshire; Peter Busby Just Sound, London; Phil Parker Ltd, London; Premier Music International Ltd, Kibworth, Harcourt, Leicestershire; Prozonemusic, Chesham, Bucks; Richard Smith (MI) Ltd, Cornborough, Sherriff Hutton, York; Regimental Replicas Ltd, Yeovil, Somerset; Rimmers Music Ltd, Farington, Leyland, Lancashire; Rosehill Instruments Ltd, Beaconsfield, Buckingham; Spencer Trumpets UK, Elstead, Surrey; Thwaites Fine Stringed Instruments, Watford, Herts; Howarth of London Ltd, London; The Wind Section Ltd, Edinburgh; Wessex Woodwind Ltd, Coldharbour, Sherborne, Dorset.

An Austrian firm, Feuchter GmbH, Schärding, northern Upper Austria, has won a four-year £16m contract for the supply of personal load carriage equipment, webbing and gaiters. This includes belts, rucksacks, webbing straps, weatherproof clothing, holsters and zip fasteners. Awarded by GB Bristol, the total value is £16,112,948.

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