Monday, 20 May 2024
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Despite the UK Civil Service being "in purdah" for the period of the General Election, the MoD is still awarding contracts. Their nature and processes also cast a light on defence procurement, which is usually characterised as huge contracts, cut throat competition and advanced technology which may or may not come through as advertised.

Amongst those just announced in the Contrax Alert Service are :

1. 3.4 million to BMT Reliability Consultants Ltd for data collection and analysis for air defence radars. This was awarded non-competitively because of BMT's "unique experience". No sub-contracting opportunities published.

2. 255,320 to Didsbury Engineering Co Ltd. This is a follow-on from an existing contract for lifting and handling equipment. DEC was the sole bidder.

3. 844,000 Euros to Zemco Construction Ltd of Limassol, Cyprus (one of six bidders) seems to have beaten the original estimate by 39,000 Euros for refurbishment and conversion of office accommodation for 29 personnel at Ayios Nikalaos, Cyprus.

4. Communications & Power Industries Europe Ltd awarded without competition a contract worth between 685,000 and 3.4 million for on site service support evaluation and repair of travelling wave tubes to support Radar Type 101. The company is said to have unique experience.

5. 120,000 to Jason Petch Services Ltd (officially designated as an SME) The company has been the principal author of Should Cost Methodology, and will now prepare training materials and an initial course for implementation. This was a single company tender.

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