Monday, 20 September 2021
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FB Heliservicessays it has been awarded a four year contract plus two possible one year extensions by the UK Ministry of Defence to continue to provide helicopter flying training at RAF Shawbury, RAF Valley and AAC Middle Wallop, together with support services at RAF Shawbury and AAC Middle Wallop. The contract is worth 193 million and will commence on 1 April 2012.

The contract represents a continuation of the existing Defence Helicopter Flying
School and support services contract, which has been so successfully undertaken by
FBS Limited and FB Heliservices Limited for the past fifteen (years. Helicopter
flying training will continue to be delivered utilising the existing 34 x AS350BB
Squirrel and 11 x Griffin Bell 412EP helicopters, albeit upgraded to include new
technology and to increase training capability.

FB Heliservices Managing Director, Peter Richardson said "I am delighted that FB
Heliservices has been awarded a new contract to continue with the Defence Helicopter
Flying School and support services requirements for the UK Ministry of Defence which
I believe recognises our success in working with and supporting the UK Ministry of
Defence during the last 15 years". FB Heliservices has a very strong track record
under long term performance based contracts supporting the UK Ministry of Defence,
and Peter Richardson added "This contract allows us to continue to work in close
partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence and the Defence Helicopter Flying School
to deliver military helicopter aircrew training which is seen as best in class

FB Heliservices Limited is a joint venture company jointly owned by Bristow
Helicopters and Cobham Aviation Services and specialises in the provision of
helicopters, including operational support and training services, to military and
government agencies in the UK and worldwide.

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