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Alan Richards Vice Admiral Chief of Defence Intelligence 19/01/2012
Ian Corder Vice Admiral UK Military Representative to NATO 30/05/2013
Simon Lister Vice Admiral Chief of Materiel (Fleet) / Chief of Fleet Support 27/11/2013
Philip Jones Vice Admiral Fleet Commander and Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff 30/11/2012
David Steel Vice Admiral Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel and Training 10/10/2012
Peter Hudson Vice Admiral Commander Maritime Command, NATO 14/02/2013

Simon Mayall Lieutenant General Defence Senior Adviser for the Middle East 09/05/2011
Nicholas Carter Lieutenant General Commander Land Forces 12/11/2013
Gerald Berragan Lieutenant General Adjutant General 20/08/2012
Christopher Deverell Lieutenant General Chief of Materiel (Land) and Quarter Master General 10/07/2012
Philip Jones Lieutenant General Chief of Staff Supreme Allied Command Transformation 04/10/2013
Timothy Evans Lieutenant General Commander Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. 30/08/2013
Jonathan Page Lieutenant General Force Development and Training Command 17/02/2012
Andrew Gregory Lieutenant General Chief of Defence Personnel 04/04/2013
John Lorimer Lieutenant General Commander Urgent Operations, -Training and Mobilisation 28/08/2014
James Everard Lieutenant General Commander Land Forces 07/08/2014
Mark Poffley Lieutenant General Commander Force Development and Capability 28/02/2014
Gordon Messenger Lieutenant General Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Military Strategy and Operations) 07/07/2014
David Capewell Lieutenant General Chief of Joint Operations 01/12/2011
Edward Davis Lieutenant General Deputy Commander, NATO Land Command, Izmir 01/07/2014

Christopher Evans Air Marshal Surgeon General 22/12/2012

Simon Bollom Air Marshal Chief of Materiel (Air) and Chief Engineer (RAF) 01/10/2012
Graham Stacey Air Marshal Deputy Commander Joint Force Command - Brunssum 15/01/2013
Christopher Harper Air Marshal Director General International Military Staff - NATO Brussels 24/07/2013
Richard Garwood Air Marshal Director General Military Aviation Authority. 01/05/2013
Stephen Hillier Air Marshal Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Military Capability) 11/01/2012
Gregory Bagwell Air Marshal Deputy Commander Operations Air Command 16/04/2013
Barry North Air Marshal Deputy Commander Capability Air Command 03/05/2013

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