Monday, 20 September 2021
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Conspicuous Gallantry Cross: Corporal Robert William Kerr McClurg, R Irish; Acting Sergeant Alwyn John Stevens, R Irish; Lance Corporal Jone Bruce Toge, R Irish.

Bar to George Medal: Warrant Officer class 2 Gary James O'Donnell GM, RLC (Killed in Action)

George Medal: Staff Sergeant Stuart Walter Dickson RLC

Distinguished Service Order: Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Robert Macrae Borton MBE, Scots

Military Cross: Captain Russell Archer, RE; Major Robert Michael Armstrong, RA; 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Brampton Charles Barclay, Scots; Major Nicholas George Calder, Scots; Private Paul James Coleman, Para; Corporal James Stephen Cooke, Para; Major Adam Guy Dawson, Para; Major Russell David Lewis, Para; Sergeant Stephen McConnell, Para; Major John Stuart McDonald, Para; Ranger Alan William Owens, R Irish; Captain Graham David Bradley Rainey, R Irish; Corporal Shaun Whitehead, Scots.

Distinguished Flying Cross: Flight Lieutenant Alexander Marc Duncan, RAF.


Military Cross: Captain Jeremy Alexander Crossley, Rifles; Sergeant Christopher Paul Richards, RDG

Distinguished Flying Cross: Flight Lieutenant Kevin Harris, RAF.

Non-Combatant Gallantry

Air Force Cross: Lieutenant Commander Martin Nicholas Lanni, RN; Lieutenant Michael Raoul Paulet, RN; Flight Lieutenant Lee Roland Turner, RAF.

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