Monday, 20 September 2021
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Charles Stuart Bell, Chief Executive, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, services to healthcare. Babcock Marine.
Archibald Anderson Bethel formerly chairman, Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire, services to business and to economic development in Lanarkshire.

Guy Rhodri Griffiths managing director, BAE Systems Integrated Technologies, services to the defence industry
Antony Hales chairman, Navy Army and Air Force Institutes, services to the Armed Forces
Brian Magenis senior civil servant, Ministry of Defence, public and voluntary service
Francis John Sheehan chief fire officer, West Midlands fire and rescue service, services to local government

Air Commodore Jack Broughton RAF (Retd) voluntary service to the Aircrew Association
Malcolm Grenville Gasking formerly Grade B1, Ministry of Defence
Paul Andrew Hollinshead formerly director of science and technology
Andrew Vincent Kelly formerly Grade B1, Ministry of Defence

Richard Baggaley grade C1, Ministry of Defence
Major Raymond George Brooks grade C2, Ministry of Defence
Keith Downing Grade C2, Ministry of Defence
Lt-Cdr Robert Graham Royal Naval Reserve (rtd), voluntary service to the Sea Cadet Corps in Musselburgh
Hugh Richard James distinguished specialist and research leader, material modelling group, AWE, services to the defence industry
Myra Orr services to Soldiers' Sailors' and Airmen's Families' Association
Lorraine Robertson grade E1, Ministry of Defence, public and voluntary service
Farouk Saeed deputy director, export control compliance and regulations, Thales UK, services to the defence industry
Matthew Thomas Savill grade C1, Ministry of Defence
Cdr Michael William Worrall Royal Navy (retd), grade C2, Ministry of Defence

Military Division Royal Navy

Order of the Bath

Admiral Sir Jonathan Band

Rear Admiral Richard Jeffery Ibbotson
Rear Admiral Paul Lambert

Order of the British Empire

Vice Adrmial Anthony Knox Dymock

Rear Admiral Neil Degge Latham
Commodore James Patrick Royal Navy
Commodore Simon David Whalley Royal Navy

Military Division-Army

Order of the Bath

Lt-Gen John Nicholas Reynolds Houghton Late The Green Howards

Maj-Gen Gary Robert Coward Late Army Air Corps
Maj-Gen Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor The Duke of Westminister Late the Queen's Own Yeomanry, Territorial Army

Order of the British Empire

Col William Neville Aldridge Late The Royal Regiment of Fusliers
Col Richard William Currie Late The Queen's Royal Hussars
Brig Clive Richard Elderton Late The Royal Logistic Corps
Brig Colin Andrew Findley Late Adjutant-General's Corps (Royal Military Police)
Brig Iain Robert Thomason Late Army Air Corps
Brig Carew Lovell Wilks Late Corps of Royal Engineers

Royal Airforce

Order of the Bath

Air Chief Marshal Sir Glen (Lester) Torpy Royal Air Force

Air Vice-Marshal Steven Chisnall RAF

Order of the British Empire

Group Captain Sean Keith Paul Reynolds Royal Air Force
Air Commodore Mark Lee Roberts MBE, Royal Air Force

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