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Military honours awarded in the Queen's Birthday Honours list (continues on second page)


Knight Commanders

Lieutenant General Gordon Kenneth MESSENGER, CB DSO* OBE RM

Lieutenant General John Gordon LORIMER, DSO MBE, late The Parachute Regiment


Knight Commanders

Vice Admiral Ian Fergus CORDER

Lieutenant General Andrew Richard GREGORY, CB, late Royal Regiment of Artillery



Rear Admiral Paul Martin BENNETT, OBE

Rear Admiral Henry Hardyman PARKER

Rear Admiral Robert Kenneth TARRANT

Major General Nicholas David ASHMORE, OBE, late Royal Regiment of Artillery

The Reverend Dr David George COULTER, QHC, late Royal Army Chaplain’s Department

Lieutenant General Timothy Buchan RADFORD

Air Vice-Marshal David John STUBBS, OBE




Rear Admiral Simon James ANCONA

Rear Admiral John Matthew Leonard KINGWELL

Commodore Jeremy Conrad RIGBY

Colonel Daniel BLANCHFORD RM

Captain Richard Patrick Anthony DAWS RN

Brigadier Ian Philip HUNTLEY RM

Commodore Andrew Charles JAMESON

Commodore Gary Brian

Brigadier Christopher John GHIKA, OBE, late Irish Guards

Brigadier Robert Jason WALTON–KNIGHT, late Corps of Royal Engineers

Major General Robert Harry TALBOT–RICE, late Welsh Guards

Brigadier David Graeme ROBSON, late Royal Corps of Signals

Group Captain Paul David Kennett


Major James Michael Henry ALLEN, MBE

Lieutenant Colonel Garry Royston BLEWITT, The Royal Welsh

Lieutenant Colonel James Peter COOK, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Colonel Simon Peter FITZGIBBON, late Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher PALMER, The Light Dragoons

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Philip SMITH, The Rifles

Lieutenant Colonel Giles Matthew TIMMS, MC

Wing Commander Jonathan FARROW

Group Captain Timothy David NEAL-HOPES

Wing Commander Mark Wylie SMITH

Wing Commander Thomas Stowell TALBOT

Group Captain Gregory Patrick UNDERHILL

Wing Commander Katherine Patricia WILSON


Lieutenant Commander Steven David BANFIELD

Commander Paul Henry Neil DOWELL

Warrant Officer 1 (Air Engineering Technician) John Christopher ELLIOT

Warrant Officer 1 Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) Lee HOLMAN

Petty Officer (Communication Information Systems) Stephen William HOYLAND

Warrant Officer 1 Logistics (Supply Chain) Lynne Deborah

Chief Petty Officer Logistics (Writer) Mark LAMBERT

Captain Scott Adam MOYIES

Lieutenant Commander (Acting Commander) Paul John NEWALL

Major Nicholas John O’SULLIVAN

Chief Petty Officer Coxswain (Submarines) Steven RAFFERTY

Commander Douglas John WARD

Major Devendra ALE, MVO, The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment

Captain Michael George Hugh ALLAN, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Major Michael James ATKINSON, Adjutant General’s Corps (Educational and Training Services Branch)

Acting Major Matthew John BARD, The Mercian Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart CATTERMULL, The Royal Irish Regiment

Major Graham Jackson CLARKE, Royal Corps of Signals

Major Fraser Graham Barry CUTTLE, The Special Air Service Regiment, Army Reserve

Major Andrew Raymond DAVIES, Corps of Royal Engineers

Warrant Officer Class 2 Richard Jimmy DAVIES, Corps of Royal Engineers, Army Reserve

Major Arthur David James DAWE, Scots Guards

Major Andrew Lawrence DUGGAN, The Royal Logistic Corps

Chaplain to the Forces (3rd Class) John Charles DUNCAN, Royal Army Chaplains’ Department

Major William Leslie EDEN, The Rifles

Major Adam Nicholas Baron FODEN, DSO, The Royal Lancers

Captain Ceri Lee GREEN, Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personal Support Branch), Army Reserve

Major Nigel Lionel GREENWOOD, Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Major Rachel GRIMES, The Royal Logistic Corps

Captain Carlos Anthony HAMLET, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Corporal Robert Ian HARPER, Royal Corps of Signals

Major Mark Daniel HENDRY, Corps of Royal Engineers

Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Gregory Ian JEX, Corps of Royal Engineers

Major Malcolm James Ross JUNOR, Royal Tank Regiment

Major Christopher Matthew LANE, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Warrant Officer Class 1 James LANG, Royal Army Medical Corps,

Warrant Officer Class 1 Alexander William LITTLE, The Royal Logistic Corps

Major John Samuel Thomas MATEER, Irish Guards

Captain Alan Graham McEWEN, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, Army Reserve

Warrant Officer Class 2 David Benjamin McFARLAND, Intelligence Corps

Acting Lieutenant Colonel Robin Ian MELLING, Army Air Corps

Major Carol MILLER, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve

Major Paul MORT, The Parachute Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel William George PRIOR, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Army Reserve

Major Yambahadur RANA, MVO, The Royal Gurkha Rifles

Staff Sergeant Catharine Ann REEVES, Intelligence Corps

Warrant Officer Class 2 Matthew Stuart SEMPLE, The Parachute Regiment

Captain Karen TAIT, Adjutant General’s Corps (Royal Military Police), Army Reserve

Major Andrew Patrick TODD, The Royal Gurkha Rifles

Major Ben WALTERS, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Corporal Richard David CAIN

Squadron Leader Nicholas James CARD

Flight Lieutenant Andrew William DAVIDSON

Squadron Leader Andrea Louise DEVLIN

Flight Sergeant Stephen Thomas DINAN

Squadron Leader Kevin John GREEN

Warrant Officer Derek Richard MCDONOUGH

Wing Commander David Kenneth MILLER

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) Wing Commander Jamie John MILLER

Flight Sergeant James Temperly MILLER

Squadron Leader David Julian Rhys MORRIS

Corporal Helen WAUGH




Captain, Royal Fleet Auxiliary David John BUCK



Commander, Royal Naval Reserve James Seymour Lionel COHEN, RD,

Sergeant John Rowland BUTLER, Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support Branch), Army Reserve

Sergeant Peter McALINDON, The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve

Lieutenant Colonel Julian Mark PICTON, Royal Corps of Signals, Army Reserve

Colonel Stephen William RAYSON, late The Royal Logistic Corps, Army Reserve

Warrant Officer Class 2 Neil STEVENS, The Special Air Service Regiment, Army Reserve,



As an Ordinary Associate of the Royal Red Cross

2nd Class Petty Officer Naval Nurse, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service Rebecca WARD

Second Class Major Sara Bernice HAWKINS, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

Major Mari Louise RODEN, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

Captain Harriet Ann SLOSS, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

Major Sarah Kate THOM, Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps

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