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The Ministry Of Defence

"The purpose of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces is to defend the United Kingdom, its Overseas Territories, its people and interests, and to act as a force for good by strengthening international peace and security".

Secretary of State for Defence
The Rt Hon John Hutton MP
Has overall responsibility for the business of the Department but specifically leads on:
Defence Policy and Planning and Budget Issues
Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
Nuclear issues including Ballistic Missile Defence
Bilateral Defence Relations with North America, Western Europe and the Middle East
NATO and EU issues
Media and Communications

Minister of State (Armed Forces)
The Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP
Leads on:
All matters regarding Regular and Reserve Armed Forces
Operations (excluding Iraq and Afghanistan) but including Counter-Terrorism, UK Operations, Northern Ireland and the Balkans
Defence Diplomacy and bilateral defence relations (excluding North America, Western Europe and Middle East)
Inquiries, Boards of Inquiry, Inquests
Detention issues
Arms and Export Control
Regional issues and the devolved Administrations
Defence Analytical Services and Advice and Defence Vetting Agency

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Veterans)
Kevan Jones MP
Supports the Armed Forces Minister on:
Armed Forces Personnel issues, with particular responsibility for Defence Medical Services,
Cadets and Education, Pay and Pensions and Gurkhas
Leads on:
All Veterans and commemorative issues
Civilian Personnel issues
The Defence Estate
Low Flying
People Pay & Pensions Agency, Service Personnel & Veterans Agency, Ministry of Defence
Police & Guarding Agency
Hydrographic and Meteorological Office
Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme / Visits by Peers and MPs
Recruitment and Retention
Service Charities

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Sate (Minister for International Defence and Security)
The Rt Hon Baroness Taylor of Bolton
Supports Defence Secretary on:
International Security issues, including the UK's interest in NATO and European Security and Defence Policy, and preparations for next year's NATO summit, working closely with the FCO.
Leads on:
High Level Working Group
All Defence issues in the House of Lords

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Defence Equipment and Support)
Quentin Davies MP
Leads on:
Defence Equipment Programme through life
Logistic support including: Defence Support Group, Defence Storage and Distribution
Defence Industrial Strategy
Acquisition Reform
Performance Management of DE&S including Major Projects Report
National Defence Industries Council
Defence Science and Technology including: Defence Technology Strategy, DSTL, QinetiQ
Commercial Policy throughout the Department
Atomic Weapons Establishment
Defence exports including international aspects of defence equipment and support

Ministerial Committee on National Security, International Relations and Development: Sub-Committee on Overseas and Defence (NSID(OD))

"To consider issues relating to conflict, and defence, foreign and development policy; and report as necessary to the Committee on National Security, International Relations and Development".

- Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, Prime Minister (Chair)
- Rt Hon David Miliband MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (alternate Chair)
- Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer
- Rt Hon John Hutton MP, Secretary of State for Defence
- Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, Secretary of State for International Development

Other Ministers, the Chief of the Defence Staff, the Chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee and the Heads of the Intelligence Agencies may be invited to attend as required.

House of Commons Defence Select Committee

"Our responsibility is to monitor and to hold to account the Ministry of Defence and its associated public bodies, including the Armed Forces, on behalf of the House of Commons and the people who elect it."


Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP Chairman (North East Hampshire, Conservative)
Mr David S Borrow MP (South Ribble, Labour)
Mr David Crausby MP (Bolton North East, Labour)
Linda Gilroy MP (Plymouth Sutton, Labour)
Mr David Hamilton MP (Midlothian, Labour)
Mr Mike Hancock MP (Portsmouth South, Liberal Democrats)
Mr Dai Havard MP (Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney, Labour)
Mr Adam Holloway MP (Gravesham, Conservative)
Mr Bernard Jenkin MP (North Essex, Conservative)
Mr Brian Jenkins MP (Tamworth, Labour)
Mr Kevan Jones MP (Durham North, Labour)
Robert Key MP (Salisbury, Conservative)
John Smith MP (Vale of Glamorgan, Labour)
Richard Younger-Ross MP (Teignbridge, Liberal Democrats)

Other defence appointments

Sir Kevin Tebbit has been appointed Chairman of the Defence Advisory Group (DAG) at UKTI.

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