Friday, 24 September 2021
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On Saturday 30th October, I am sleeping out in Norwich city centre to draw
attention to the plight of young homeless people. I have recently become
President of Norfolk YMCA and I am trying to play my part in helping to
raise 1million towards a 4.4million project to provide 40 move-on
accomodation units for homeless young people. Without somewhere decent to
live they cannot get started in life, and these 40 units are a first step on
the ladder to a job, long-term accommodation and the chance to make a real
contribution in life - and no longer claiming benefits.

I will be accompanied by Charles Barrett, High Sheriff of
Norfolk, and His Honour Judge Curl. We will be spending the late evening and
early hours with the Norfolk Constabulary in Norwich city centre and with
the Street Pastors as they deal with Saturday evening issues. We will then
spend the night in our cardboard boxes and sleeping bags (including the
extra hour as the clocks go back!) with other rough sleepers, a number of
whom are ex-Servicemen.

If you felt that you could support what we are doing with a small donation
that would be brilliant, and very much appreciated. The easiest way to
donate is via my JustGiving account. It is <> .

Many thanks for reading this, and if you are able to help, then even more
thanks - on behalf of those young people who have had a rotten start in

Best wishes,

Richard Dannatt

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