Sunday, 14 August 2022
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MoDIMG 20181218 1521345 2Following the sacking of short-serving - 84 days - Secretary of State for Defence Penny Mordaunt (a reservist Royal Navy Lt) by new Prime Minister Johnson, the ministerial team now seems to be;

Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP - Secretary of State (formerly Security Minister. MiD as a Lt with Scots Guards, subsequently worked for Qinetiq before becoming an MP)

Rt Hon Mark Lancaster MP - Minister for the Armed Forces (continues in position. Mark is a reservist Lt Col)

Baroness (Annabelle) Goldie - Minister of State (answers on defence in the Lords. Unpaid)

Anne Marie Trevelyan MP - Minister for Defence Procurement (Junior minister, previously a PPS at MoD)

Johnny Mercer MP - Minister for Defence People and Veterans (Junior Minister. Retired Aremy captain who srved 3 tours in Afghanistam)

Immediate issues facing the team :

* Protecting UK shipping in the Gulf

* Shortage of escort ships (long term - short term maintenance issues)

* Warrior capability update and other capital programme delays and overspends (is there another Black Hole in the budget?)

* Manpower shortages/ non-recruitment

* Prosecution of Northern Ireland veterans

* Leaving the EU - EDA and participation in EU operations

This post wil be updated if/when more info published.

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