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The 2009 Winners of the Dods & Scottish Widows Women In Public Life Awards were announced at the Commonwealth Club London WC2 on Wednesday March 4th 2009.

The Winner of the 2009 Woman Political Journalist of the Year went to Lesley Abdela, who was nominated by the UK Defence Forum.

Lesley spoke at UKDF dinner on Women in Defence back in November 2008. Other previous speakers have included the likes of Eliza Manningham - Buller, now Baroness Manningham - Buller and Bill Jeffrey, now Sir Bill Jeffrey.

Lesley Abdela with US Military escorts for dangerous journey from
Hilla (former Babylon) to Basra, Iraq 2003.

In May 2006 Lesley Abdela was voted 34th in the New Statesman's Top 50 Heroes Of Our Time:

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