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The funeral of Harry Patch, the last UK veteran from World War 1, will take place on Thursday 6 August 2009 at Wells Cathedral in Wells, Somerset.

At approximately 11:30 am Harry's coffin will begin its journey from his former care home Fletcher House to Wells Cathedral. Members of the public are encouraged to pay their respects to Harry by lining the route of the cortege as it travels through the centre of Wells to the Cathedral. Silence is requested.

Harry's funeral service will commence at Noon. The theme of the service will be "Peace and Reconciliation". In order to ensure the proper management and control of the service, entry will be by ticket only. Tickets will be made available to the public. Anyone may apply for up to two tickets by one of two means:

A. In person at Wells Cathedral, Cathedral Offices, Chain Gate, Cathedral Green, Wells BA5 2UE.

B. By post, enclosing an SAE, to the above address.

The tickets will be made available from 9:30 am on Friday 31 July. The total number of tickets available will be 1,050. Three quarters will be available to personal callers, the remainder to postal applications. It is anticipated that all of the tickets will be allocated on Friday 31 July, but if any remain free, they will be available for issue on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th August.

Those who receive tickets then will not be able to line the route as they will need to be seated in the cathedral by 1140. Allocation of seats on the day is first come first served, so if those arriving late may end up with a seat with limited visibility.

The Last Post will take place outside the cathedral, so if those who are unable to get a ticket will be able to see this element from the cathedral green. The service will also be relayed onto a big screen in cathedral green.

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