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Obituaries published in The Times of London unless otherwise stated

Air Chief Marshal Sir Derek Hodgkinson KCB, CBE, DFC, AFC 27 December 1917 - 29 January 2010
Coastal Command pilot shot down on 1000 bomber raid who rose to Air Secretary

Major Peter Murray Lee 25 February 1913 - 4 February 2010
Wartime SOE officer in Algeria and Italy

Vice Admiral Sir Philip Watson KBE LVO 7 October 1919 - 8 December 2009
Reservist on Russian convoys to Director General Weapons (Naval)

Maj General Ian Robertson of Brackla CB, MBE 17 July 1913 - 10 January 2010
Active service in Western Desert, Tunisia, Sicily, Malaya, Egypt and Aden

Peter Boyle, Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur 9 September 1923 - 5 February 2010
Glider pilot at Pegasus Bridge on D Day and Op Market Garden

Sqn Leader Zeke Zeleny MBE 11 October 1914 - 25 January 2010
Czech who came to UK to fly with RAFVR in Wellington bombers, rejoining RAF in 1949

Lt Col Zbigniew Mozdzierski 12 December 1919 - 30 December 2009
Awarded Polish Cross of Valour for actions at Monte Cassino in 1944
Rear Admiral Frederick Lawson CB, DSC and Bar 20 April 1917 - 25 January 2010
Naval endineer twice decorated for bravery in Mediterranean Campaign in World War II and Chief Executive of the Royal Dockyards

Air Cdre Charles Widdows CB, DFC 4 October 1909 - 10 January 2010
Led one of first night fighter squadrons, finally Director of Operations (Air Defence)

Group Captain Bertie Mann DFC 14 June 1919 - 30 December 2009
Pre D-Day Mustang reconnaisance pilot who coaxed his hit and wounded wingman home.

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