Friday, 24 September 2021
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Airbus threatens to halt work on A400M
Airbus will halt work on its A400M military transport plane if an agreement with buyer nations on the future of the troubled aircraft is not reached this week, newspaper Cinco Dias reported on Thursday, citing union sources after a meeting with Chief Executive Tom Enders.

Rolls-Royce hits high from civil aerospace shift
Rolls-Royce today said shifting its focus away from civil aerospace helped pre-tax profit for the year soar to a record, up 4% to 915 million. Chief executive Sir John Rose said the aircraft engines maker finished the year with more deals in its order book than ever before, totalling 58.3 billion after it expanded into new defence, marine and energy businesses and targeted demand in the east.
Evening Standard

U.A.E. buys Raytheon missiles
Raytheon Co. has picked up a $170 million contract to supply two variations of infrared Maverick air-to-surface missiles to the United Arab Emirates. The sale concerns the AGM-65D and AGMG2 infrared-guided missiles that gained fame during the U.S.-led operation Desert Storm.

Airbus to cut A400M exposure if no deal soon
European planemaker Airbus said on Thursday it would start trimming its exposure to the troubled A400M military transporter programme if "intensive" funding talks failed to make tangible progress within days.

Welcome help for soldiers
Defence minister Bob Ainsworth has announced increases to the sums paid out to servicemen and women who suffer crippling injuries in the line of duty. There is no huge change: the increases are quite modest. There will also be less in the way of attempts by the Ministry of Defence to resist claims for more cash when a veteran's medical condition worsens after the award is made.
The Guardian

Iran angered over S-300 delays
Russia's failure to deliver on the S-300 missile defense system for Iran could undermine bilateral relations with Tehran, Iranian officials said. Both countries signed agreements in 2005 for the delivery of at least five S-300 systems to Iran, though the implementation of the contract has stagnated.

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